AI Virtual Assistant for Websites

The all-new Virtual Assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence is a human-like WhatsApp chat experience that is hard to distinguish from a real live person chatting with the visitor on your website.

While traditional chatbots serve basic tasks, our Virtual Assistant operates on an entirely different level, offering a sophisticated AI-driven experience:

  • Human-like Conversations: natural language processing in any language allows it to hold conversations that feel organic and human.
  • Continuous Learning: unlike chatbots, our solution continually learns from interactions, improving its responses over time without requiring manual updates.
  • Contextual Understanding: our Virtual Assistant understands and adapts to the context of each conversation, providing more relevant and precise responses.
  • Maintenance-Free: say goodbye to constant updates and scripting. The Virtual Assistant operates and evolves autonomously, reducing the need for ongoing maintenance.

The Virtual Assistant is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow, providing a robust solution that goes beyond the capabilities of typical chatbots.

AI Virtual Assistant for Real Estate

What is a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is a human-like chat assistant that is implemented via WhatsApp Business on a website. The Virtual Assistant is constantly learning from a variety of sources defined by the owner of the Virtual Assistant. These sources are further expanded using the internet and the current capabilities of ChatGPT and OpenAI. Such sources contain also the owner’s own website, as well as any information fed to the Virtual Assistant, typically explaining in details all their services and information shared to their visitors.

Technically, a dedicated mobile number is assigned to the Virtual Assistant and via an App created in META for Developers, the integration with WhatsApp Business is made possible. Once this app is created and all is set up correctly, a WhatsApp icon of choice is placed on the website and linked to the WhatsApp number. From this moment onwards, chatting in any language is possible, returning business-relevant content in a human-like manner. This content over time grows better and more intelligent, yet from the start will allow for very good conversations and result in actions such as scheduling appointments and so forth.

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Key benefits of using our Virtual Assistant

Key Benefits of the OptimaSys Virtual Assistant are:

  • Effortless Interaction: automate and humanize client communication.

  • Scalability: manage an increasing number of inquiries without added manpower.

  • Efficiency: save time on repetitive tasks and focus on closing deals.

By integrating our Virtual Assistant, your real estate bueinss can streamline its communication processes, enhance lead management, and ultimately drive your business better.

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Included features in our Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant is packed with features designed to integrate seamlessly into your company's workflow:

  • WhatsApp Integration: communicate effortlessly with clients through WhatsApp, with upcoming support for webchat to cover even more customer touchpoints.
  • Real-time Scheduling: the Virtual Assistant consults your agency’s calendar in real-time to schedule and confirm meetings, eliminating the back-and-forth of manual scheduling.
  • Notifications: you can receive notifications when something happens during a conversation, allowing the agency to get real-time notifications via email or WhatsApp after the conversation ends.
  • User-Friendly Interface: an intuitive interface makes it easy to configure settings, define criteria for lead qualification, and customize responses.
  • Analytics and History: gain valuable insights with detailed usage metrics and conversation history. Track performance, understand client preferences, and optimize interactions based on data-driven insights.

These features ensure that the Virtual Assistant enhances your agency’s eIiciency and client satisfaction simultaneously.

Since AI is here to stay and evolving at very high speeds, be sure to consult with OptimaSys on this topic frequently.

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What is needed to operate a Virtual Assistant

The following elements and steps are needed to have your own Virtual Assistant on your website: contact us for a demo send us an email at [email protected].


  1. Obtain / provide a mobile number that is not connected to any WhatsApp account.

  2. Prepare a Word or PDF document with all the content you would like the virtual assistant to learn about the business + the website domain name where it will be installed (we'll provide you a guide for it).

  3. Create the App in META account for Developers using WhatsApp Business.

  4. Add the WhatsApp icon to the website (typically done by your websmaster).

For those users who are less familiar with the creation of an App in META for Developers, OptimaSys provides a very aIordable one-time service to do it all for you. Let us know if you need our help!

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Example cases of Real Estate businesses using the Virtual Assistant

Lead Qualification & Scheduling

Our Virtual Assistant ensures that only high-quality leads reach your sales team by pre- qualifying inquiries through intelligent questions and interactions. It can quickly identify the needs and interests of a potential client and schedule product demos eIortlessly, functioning as an extension of your scheduling team.


A potential client visiting your website at any time can interact with the Virtual Assistant using the most commonly tool WhatsApp to inquire about properties, answer qualifying questions, and schedule a viewing in just a few clicks.

Real-time Lead Engagement

EIective lead engagement is crucial for conversion success. With the Virtual Assistant’s real-time interaction capabilities, every lead receives immediate attention. The Virtual Assistant handles inquiries, answers questions, and schedules meetings 24/7, ensuring no opportunity is missed.


During non-business hours, the Virtual Assistant continues to engage with visitors, providing detailed property information, and arranging follow-up appointments, keeping your pipeline active at all times.

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