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Thanks to the applied technologies, our websites are 'lightweights' compared to WordPress sites for example. This translates in faster loading and swift navigation between pages. This is true on any device and via any connection, whether being WIFI or 4G...our sites will load on average faster than those made in other technologies.

Speed is also determined by the method of rendering images and contents from the backend database, whereas with our advanced backend technologies, content is presented faster as well.


Designs can take any shape where imagination is the limit. Without reinventing the wheel there's flexibility in defining the look & feel.

We provide a series of model sites to start from and jump-start your project to reduce development time and costs. From here we'll define together what your site will look like.

Various options to choose from :
* A 100% new design from scratch.
* Based on a model, adding elements & changing others.
* Love the design of your current site? We reuse the HTML (layout) and integrate it into Optima-CRM.


Using pure HTML/JavaScript/CSS, search engines can easily read the site's content. Since we also don't use templates nor frames of any sort, SEO specialists praise our sites since they are easy to structure and define SEO-sensitive contents, having a faster impact for indexation and ranking.

Having a solid base for SEO also means that older browsers & devices too benefit from the hybrid technologies since those older versions sometimes do not support latest technologies...killing 2 birds with one stone!


Instrumental is that your site is integrated in Optima-CRM to benefit from real-time searches and updates, enquiries entering in CRM directly creating leads automatically, etc.

All sites we develop are natively integrated with all the important elements such as SEO and content management of ANY element on your new website.

For those who want, we can also integrate any existing website into the powerful CMS of Optima-CRM.


Companies who want to spread payments over time, we offer an interesting financing option over 24 months. This way you pay a small amount monthly so you have budget to spend on other things such as marketing.

Our transparent website calculator shows the options you can choose (languages, chat, map drawing, and much more) which gives you an instant total price + the financed option details.

Now you can have a high-end Professional Website for a small monthly fee!


Having our custom CMS built into Optima-CRM, you can maintain ANY element of content with one central access. This includes all texts, images, SEO elements, menus, translations, blog posts, etc.

But there is (always) more!
You can connect as many websites as you need to the same Optima-CRM agency and manage each individual site from this CMS. Having all controls in one place makes life much easier and avoids needing to update content elements in various places.

We built already over 500 websites



We have you fully covered for your online presence. Besides our advanced websites, we ensure that your site is up and performing fast at all times through our dedicated web hosting service . Our Real Estate digital marketing team applies the latest on-site and off-site SEO techniques, as well as organises paid campaigns (e.g. Google Ads, Social Media campaigns...).

Site design compatible with any device

Optimised for SEO organic positioning

Integrated contact forms creating leads in CRM

Call-to-actions to provoke visitors to interact

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