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CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a very broad term. Optima-CRM is the Real Estate Software focusing on practically proven processes that allow you to take and keep full control over your business and your teams.

Real Estate CRM Software

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"Best Real Estate CRM of 2018" by MirrorReview.

The World's Most Complete Solution.


Hands down the most complete and easy-to-use CRM for Real Estate software in the market that will augment your productivity and allow you to win from your competitors. Manage every aspect of your business and be 100% in control while growing your business.

No matter whether your focus is in residential real estate or other types of real estate like commercial or industrial, land or even boats & moorings. Sales & all types of rentals, including holiday rentals...we got you covered!


Designed for very experienced users and novices all together. Optima-CRM covers all types of Real Estate & transactions. You can finally handle any transaction related to residential-commercial-industrial-land in one place, from any device at any time.

Intuitive Design.

Our solutions are easy-to-use and compatible with any device, any operating system and any browser. Windows or MacOS, use a PC or a tablet, or even when you're only with your smartphone, Optima-CRM adapts to your needs and makes it easy to do anything you'd do from anywhere.


Where as other solutions stagnated,  Optima-CRM is in constant evolution, integrating new functions constantly based on market changes and trends from around the globe. Our international users define where we are heading next!


Our solutions are available in all the main languages so you can work in the comfort of the language you best manage. Furthermore our support team is multilingual to better assist you by phone, email, chat, tickets or in person, whenever you need us.


The Best Real Estate Solution also for YOUR Business is used all around the world...

What makes us stand out from the rest?

The answer is easy yet not a short one, as Optima-CRM is such a complete solution that we need to sum up some of the key characteristics and features. We challenge you to find any solution coming remotely close to the rich functions and practical solutions of our solution!


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