Optima-MLS - Private Multiple Listings System

Join the fastest growing worldwide MLS network for FREE! Collaborate with colleagues nearby and from anywhere in the world where you want to commercialise your properties or where a broker seeks properties you commercialise in your local market. Free to join and upgrade to access premium functions.


Choose the Solution that Best Fits Your Needs

Rich Functions & Features

MLS Free

  • Share 10 properties to:
  • - access properties & agencies in your market
  • - upload up to 50 properties
  • - contact other agencies
  • - schedule viewings
  • - 1 user
  • Free 12 months trial:
  • Within 12 months, upgrade to MLS PRO or Optima-CRM


  • Same as MLS Free PLUS:
  • - access global markets
  • - upload an unlimited amount of properties
  • - create Virtual Tours
  • - control sharing levels
  • - share New Construction Projects
  • - import properties via XML
  • - export to Portals
  • - manage team calendars
  • - access to Market Place
  • - up to 5 users

MLS Pro Web

  • Same as MLS-Pro PLUS:
  • - a professional website
  • - integrated in MLS/CMS
  • - configure to your needs
  • - multi-lingual
  • - various models available
  • - sales, rentals, bookings...
  • - instantly generated
  • - publish on your domain
  • - web hosting included

Built on Optima-CRM

Natively created in Optima-CRM, you can access own properties and properties shared by your colleague agencies.

MLS can be used as a stand-alone solution, or as part of the rich CRM functions.

We invite you to try it as we are sure you’ll fall in love with the practical CRM solution to manage your entire business! Optima-MLS is also included in any Optima-CRM license (from license block "up to 5 users").

Why Optima-MLS Increases Your Business

Advanced Collaboration Technology is Key to the New Real Estate Broker

  • Collaborate to offer a better service to your clients
  • Better service leads to referrals from your happy clients
  • Higher quality justifies higher commissions
  • The Market Place offers a private area to communicate and find what you seek
  • Find faster what your clients look for and keep your client
  • Increase your sales significantly thanks to the large choice of properties

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