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 Have a worry-free Easter with Optima-CRM
Don't be stressed out or be afraid of forgetting important meetings and tasks during this Easter; worflow automation of Optima-CRM has got you covered!

Built-in accelerators through automation of activities and processes save time & avoid to ever forget to plan or do something!

Here are some of our unique automation features:

  • Event sequences: Workflow generating a series of activities automatically. Each event can have as many variants as needed ("events" are for example the addition of a client, property, sale, rental, as well as the auto-sending of programmed emails). You will then receive reminders and follow-ups of the activities related to each event automatically. All activities pertaining to one event are conveniently accessible in one central place so you can focus on completing all activities for a given event.
  • Property Alerts: Your clients can receive automated emails whenever there's a new property listing that fits their criteria. These emails are based on the templates of your agency and can be in any language.
  • Automated emails to owners: Send announcements of all the planned visits, if comments and the results of the questionnaires can be sent automatically to owners, to provide feedback in real-time.
  • Average Prices: Access the average prices of any property type by city (sales, long term rentals and holiday rentals average prices). You can see the values from listings in your agency as well as the aggregated values from the entire Optima-CRM network.
  • Publish to Portals: Automatically publish to any portal worldwide + get automated leads into CRM from any of these portals or your own website through our bi-directional connection.
  • Auto-sync emails: Create, receive and reply to emails from CRM or your usual email (Outlook...) as your emails are synced instantly between both CRM and your conventional email system. Never miss one email again...even on-the-go for having a worry-free Easter!




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worry-free easter with Optima-CRM