The Solution for You!

only means that you haven't found the solution for real estate agencies yet!

Optima-CRM allows you to manage ALL the aspects of your business in ONE central management solution for real estate agencies. Organise both the planning and the execution of your day-to-day activities virtually!

Here are some of the many special functions of Optima-CRM that will make your daily business functions faster AND more efficient:

CRM functions especially developed for Real Estate

Lead management, customers, owners, companies, etc. are all integrated with the property database. This will cross data in real-time so that you can instantly and at all times see all the information about a client and the relevant properties, and in a bi-directional way (clients-properties).

Innovative extensions to deal with the latest trends

White-labeled solutions can make you the leader of new trends:

  • YoVendo: the agency "For Sale By Owner" solution.
  • Co-Broking: save +4% on new construction commercialisations.
  • Optima-WOW: holiday rentals revolutionary app for guests.
  • Alquilo-YO: the agency "For Rent By Owner" solution.

Automation & Marketing Tools

"Workflow" or Sequences allow to automate the programming of the activities when a particular event occurs, including the creation of the tasks in the relevant users' calendars + the scheduling of automated emails. All emails sent have a tracking code so you can see if and when the recipient has opened them.

The essential processes of agencies for the sale and rental of properties

  • Management of purchase offers & counteroffers and the sale itself (all steps through notary & post-sales).
  • Bi-directionally export to portals.
  • Importation of properties from any property system.
  • Seemless integration of the user's conventional email into CRM.
  • And much more!

Solution for Real Estate Agencies