CRM for Real Estate

Customer Relationship Management is vital in the highly competitive Real Estate markets you operate in. With a high density of agencies of which many selling the same or very similar products, competing for the same clientele, you need to arm yourself with the newest tools to make a difference.

Optima-CRM was created out of years of on the floor experience in both Real Estate agencies management as well as software creation, website integration, and search engine positioning. Having integrated over 10 property systems in the past years, we have seen the good and the bad of those systems. We unified the good elements of those systems and added what was missing in all of them which resulted in the most practical and effective Real Estate solution currently on the market.

Optima-CRM unifies your typical Multi Listing System functions for sharing with other agencies, the relevant CRM functions for Real Estate businesses, internal agency management functions, all the tools you need to import data and export to any property portal, both sales as well as rentals management, and all SEO elements to publish your and other agencies’ properties uniquely on your websites…multilingually!

Unifying the best of the newest technologies (allows for high speed navigation & searching, drag & drop, etc.) with best business practices for real estate, you have the ultimate management tool for your real estate business at a very affordable price.

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solutions for real estate
Accounts management: drag & drop easy access
solutions for real estate
solutions for real estate
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