This update has major implications (benefits) for your business as it not only speeds up the manual work, it also makes sure that you (or your staff) will never again forget to plan an activity!

By automating the scheduling of activities that need to be performed, you decide WHO needs to do WHAT and WHEN, with as many activities needed following a certain "event" in your business.

Events are business process triggers that frequently happen in your business and that cause a "Sequence of Activities" to take place, either instantly or at predefined intervals.

Examples of events are: a new Lead that comes into CRM (manually or automatically via web or a portal), an Account is assigned to an agent, a Property is listed, etc.

An Event Sequence is a series of predefined activities that need to be scheduled whenever the Event occurs. Event Sequences contain one to many activities or todo's such as Tasks & Meetings that need to take place in a preset frequency and order.

There are flexible ways to assign them to events, group them into Activity Groups, categories the individual activities into Activity Categories, etc. This way you control where Event Sequences are applied, identified and reported later on.

Events Sequences can be created by the Agency Admin as well as by the Manager. All users can execute the available Event Sequences. More info is available in the FAQ's section in CRM as well as in the Video Tutorials.