Multiple Listings System

Sharing properties & projects has just become intelligent!

Optima-CRM uses a unique way to connect with other agencies the way you do in real life.

In our Multiple Listings System you can set different levels of sharing, whereas you build a hierarchy from high to low, meaning that the higher level includes whatever you share with a lower level connection. On one hand you can create as many levels as you wish in the System menu (for administrator only), name them as you like and then when you connect with an agency, you assign one of the levels to that agency. On the other side you set the sharing level of each Own individual property and project. Any listing you upload and for which you have the direct relationship with the owner, whether it is for a property or an entire project, you assign the level. This is how you then determine which agency groups get access to these properties and projects.

For example…

You create 3 levels, whereas 1 is the highest level:

  1. Level 1 (you may decide to call this “Diamond agencies”)
  2. Level 2 (maybe you call this “High End agencies”)
  3. Level 3 (and what about “Mainstream agencies”)

Next you connect with different agencies with whom you have distinct relationships and assign a level to each agency corresponding with your target audience & relationship.

From this moment on, the properties/projects you want to share are assigned one of the levels. As a result, certain properties/projects will be shown or not shown to agencies belonging to the respective groups.

The following parent/child logic applies:

  • Agencies belonging to Level 3 will only see properties/projects that have been assigned Level 3
  • Agencies belonging to Level 2 will see properties/projects that have been assigned Level 3 & to Level 2
  • Agencies belonging to Level 1 (= highest level)will see all properties/projects, whether assigned to Level 1, 2 or 3

Remember: you can create as many levels and hierarchies as you need…naming them whatever you want to call them.

The icing on the cake:

Sharing can go only one-way (if you so decide) AND your classification/rating of other agencies is unique – other agencies have their own way of sharing and classifying their connected agencies.


multiple listings system