Here is WHY Optima-CRM is your Intelligent CRM Solution...

* Property completeness visually shown
* Auto-export properties to portals
* Auto-import leads from portals & web
* Real-time statistics for vendors
* Set a demand-driven marketing budget
* Timelines for properties & clients
* Seamless synchronisation of all your emails & calendars for any device
These are only some examples of how Optima-CRM was designed to make your life much easier. Each function and process was built together with leading companies in the real estate industry, making Optima-CRM the most practical solution available.
Discover all its innovative features as well as the latest extensions opening for you complete new business opportunities! For example now you can offer For Sale By Owner solutions, or commercial New Construction promotions through an international agency network...
Its adaptive nature makes it a perfect business companion for the office & on-the-go:
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Read more about our solution and the 15 reasons why to choose Optima-CRM!