Start your Summer off right...

And upgrade your Holiday Rentals Management!

Our premium white label Optima-WOW Holiday Rentals Management App is a revolutionary solution in the Holiday Rentals space that reduces the amount of work for the agency, auto-check-in guests & put your guests in control of up-to-date in real-time with all the information about the property and the surrounding area!

Holiday Rentals Management: All in one with Optima-WOW

Make it your own!

You can now manage Holiday Rentals in your own brand! The Optima-WOW App is 100% white-labelled, and everything will be adjusted to your own company's logo and content!

Benefits for agencies:

  • Connect to your own booking system for rebooking & updates
  • Chat with guests
  • Customer feedback forms
  • Customer registration (passports)
  • Send push notifications
  • Earn money on App bookings
  • Deploy the complementary Maintenance App to automate Work Orders with maintenance people...

Benefits for clients:

  • Easy to find the property location on live map
  • Guides toHow-to-use household appliances
  • WIFI code & emergency numbers
  • Check-in & check-out procedure
  • Book recommended restaurants, events, transport, etc.
  • Report problems with voice recognition in many languages
  • Rebook the rental property...
Holiday Rentals Management: All in one with Optima-WOW

A Happier Client tends to return more likely!

Holiday Rentals Management: All in one with Optima-WOW