The Golden Egg


 After all the chocolate Easter eggs...
Time to discover the one Golden Egg!

Now that we've satisfied our cravings for chocolate, time for something much sweeter that will bring prosperity in your Real Estate business and allows you
to beat your competitors!

Here's why Optima-CRM was named Best Real Estate CRM worldwide:


The most complete CRM for Real Estate

Our easy-to-use and function-rich solution will improve your on-line presence with integrated pro-websites made for SEO, bi-directional portals management, clients follow-up & real-time interaction, staff management, a Holiday Rentals App and an on-the-go Agents App for iOS & Android, and much more!

The #1 solution for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties

Manage all types of properties in one single solution, specialised in all types of residential, commercial (hotels, shops,...), industrial (warehouses, buildings, offices,...), properties and buildable land (with construction licensed details).

In continuous evolution, based on your input

Optima-CRM is in constant evolution and integrates new functions where possible, based on market changes and trends. Best of it all: YOU can get your say in what we should develop next & how it should work! Optima-CRM was built and evolves around YOUR needs, that's why we let you be a part of this exiting world of the world's most advanced Real Estate CRM!

Awesome support and in your own language

You will also enjoy our fast support! We answer your questions within the shortest period of time and thanks to our multi-lingual support, we are able to answer them in a language you understand. We are ready to answer all your questions via phone, email, our interactive tickets system or via our chat.




Seeing is Believing!
Research all the functions you can use and discover it for yourself!