Those who don’t understand the Real Estate business tend to assume that Realtors have an easy life. They think you’re raking in the euros, and living a life of luxury. Few seem to spend much time contemplating what you actually have to do for those euros.

It’s really not true that you work the hours you fancy; you’re actually more or less on call, and as an opportunity-based business, the days can vary greatly in activity. Activity is great – it’s what you want – but that activity comes with a huge to do list. And if that to do list isn’t present, it usually means you’re not getting paid. Which is stressful.

The fact is, Real Estate is simply not an easy business to be in. It can be incredibly rewarding, and equally as challenging. Optimasys understand the ups and downs faced by Real Estate agents. We’ve made it our business to do so. Let’s see if you agree:

  1. Putting a ‘brave face on it’

Real Estate agents need to come across as super positive at all times. It’s a cutthroat business and if your clients perceive you to be uncaring or disinterested, they might take offence and just go elsewhere.

You have to wear many different hats in a day, and no matter how tiring or stressful that is, you need to have a perma-grin on your face. That’s just the way it is. The happier you appear to be, the more successful your customers will think you are; that’s the psychology behind it.

People might ask you how the market is, but the truthful answer to this is likely that it varies in a big way. No matter the state of the market, your state of mind must at least appear to be stable!

  1. Ridiculous hours

The life of a Real Estate agent is busier than most, whether or not you’re doing well. If you are, you’ll have tasks coming out of your ears. If not, you’ll be spending all your time trying to drum up business. Hours on the phone, hours in the car, hours on marketing. Naturally, this will take its toll on your personal life.

Most Realtors find themselves having to regiment their time with ruthless efficiency just to be able to spend time with their loved ones. It’s very hard to let down family when they’re expecting you to be somewhere with them. It’s also very hard to let down a client when you know it might result in a huge sale! Catch 22. How does a Real Estate agent make plans and stick to them? With difficulty.

Getting family and friends to understand this predicament isn’t easy. Everyone wants a piece of the lowly Real Estate agent, and it’s like being pulled from pillar to post! It must be infuriating when people think you choose your own hours; you really don’t.

  1. Constant justification

Probably because of the assumption that you are raking it in, and (perhaps because people can’t understand the fee structures and what you actually have to do for that money) you’ll often be required to justify your fees.

People will think nothing of trying to get a discount on your services. This is uncomfortable for most Real Estate agents, and it leads to a constant justification of your fees. This is undoubtedly tiring and frustrating. Some might even say it’s insulting, but good luck in getting anyone to understand why. It’s a thankless role, in some ways.

  1. Being pipped to the post

This is a biggie but sometimes it’s unavoidable. The competitive nature of Real Estate means that sometimes another agent is going to beat you to it. The buyer decides to go with another agent, or the seller decides on someone else despite all the time you’ve spent helping them.

They might have opted for a slightly cheaper fee, but you know that your services are superior. It’s tough to suck it up, but suck it up you must. God forbid that it happens because you’ve been disorganized… kicking yourself doesn’t feel great either.

  1. Unstable finances

This isn’t always through any fault of your own. Sometimes it’s bad luck, sometimes the market has taken a downturn… the fact is that Real Estate is often unstable. You can’t easily predict your income, and sometimes your budgets are way off, thanks to a couple of painful losses.

It’s even worse for agents that work on a commission only basis. You need to have a strong character for that! You can’t afford to slack off at any point in your career, which means you’re always focused on the job, even when you don’t feel like it. What’s the alternative? Unpaid bills and stress at home? No thanks.

  1. Terrible infrastructure

Sometimes the team just isn’t in sync, staff are off sick more than is reasonable. Or leaving! Your CRM software leaves a lot to be desired, and results in missed opportunities or meetings, losses in terms of listings, or even worse… sales. Not good! Most Realtors will agree that poorly designed CRM has had them cursing - at best.

What if we told you that there was an answer? An answer that could drastically reduce all of the stresses we’ve listed in this article? Yes, it’s possible. Efficiency is the key. When you work with Real Estate agents for as long as we have, you start to understand the issues. Our technological knowledge is second to none, so we have brought this to to the table to make the best Real Estate CRM software on the market.

Optima-CRM for Real Estate promises to give you an experience like no other CRM. We take your business as seriously as you do, and we’re offering you a short demo of two hours in order to confirm this. With our CRM, we’re confident that you’ll leave the competition eating your dust. What have you got to lose? Not sure? Refer to points 1 to 6.