Summer is (almost) over...
Time to get Back to Business!
Time flies when having fun...

We hope you had the opportunity to enjoy your family & friends this summer.

At OptimaSys we took advantage to work for YOU throughout this summer season and we have some very exciting news for you!

NEW modules & functions

Besides further improving and enriching our solution from listening to your great suggestions and feedback, we have a few INDUSTRY FIRSTS to announce!

* Co-Broking for Promotors & Commercialisation Companies: we have brought the power of a few real estate commercialisation companies to the masses! Now any company has the tools to commercialise its own new construction projects/promotions, or those of projects in exclusivity with the (inter)national specialist agencies. Read more >>

* Seamless email integration between your traditional email system now 100% integrated in your CRM solution: sending & receiving emails simultaneous in CRM and your email application.

* Pro Website Rent-To-Own: now you can own a high end real estate site in the latest technologies and pay over time!

These are some of the NEW FUNCTIONS created by popular demand:

* In September launches the first truly practical iOS and Android app for Real Estate Agents: list properties in real-time at your client, update feedback on Viewings while at the property, and much more!

* Contract generator: generate contracts and agreements throughout CRM to ensure you cross the T's and dot the I's.

* Lead Management Control Panels for both Buyers & Sellers: an all-in-one graphical screen for telemarketers, sales/rental agents, and listing agents with no need to navigate to do their job.

* Viewings feedback with questionnaires: update your vendor with feedback live from during the Viewing in the property...vendors retention guaranteed!

We also made a ton of IMPROVEMENTS like for example:

* Holiday rentals booking module: new functions and improvements throughout based on your feedback!

* Even more property portals are now connected bi-directionally: publish your properties and receive the inquiries directly in CRM.

* Reporting module extensions.

* Private MLS networks: create your own closed group MLS network and share properties adapted to the types of agencies in your network.

Now is the moment to harness your business with the latest technologies and create advantages over your competition...let us show you how
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