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Moving forward  & leave competition behind!
Just like the start of daylight saving time, you move with the times and start saving time & money; discover the unique features and functions of Optima-CRM that help you with both!

Optima-CRM was awarded most Innovative & Trendsetting Real Estate CRM worldwide. Here are some examples of areas how we leave our competitors behind:


  • 100% email integration: your conventional email at all times synced with CRM allowing to send & receive from in or outside CRM.
  • Auto-leads creationnever again miss a potential client with the auto-creation of leads in CRM from any connected website, social media campaign, landing page or portal.
  • External calendars integrationsyncing of your appointments, viewings and tasks with your calendar on every device, including our own iOS & Android app!
  • Mailchimp integration: sync your lists for fast newsletter distributions.
  • iCal synchronisationmaking synching calendars with holiday rentals portals like AirBnB,, etc. a breeze.
  • MLS integrations connect any of your MLS networks to Optima-CRM amplifying your properties portfolio instantly.
  • Latest technologiesuse technologies like digital signatures & creation of virtual tours natively in CRM. Without the need of any interfaces nor costs that will help you leave competition behind.


  • Property alerts: automated email property alerts inform your clients when a new property becomes available in the future that matches their requirements.
  • Average pricesdirect access to average prices of any property type by city (sales, long term rentals and holiday rentals average prices).
  • Event sequencesautomatic creation of activities & emails for events (new client, property, sale, rental...) and management of the activities related through workflow.


  • Private MLS networks: create your own private networks; great for collaborations between Optima-CRM members & for franchising networks.
  • Multi-officesseparate information between the real or virtual offices, as well as for the Master Agency; another great tool for franchises.
  • Fully customisableapply your unique characteristics to our solution and adapt your solution exactly to your needs; make it YOURS & leave competition behind!

             Extensions without upfront investments 

  • YoVendo: a white-labeled portal solution to access the most neglected segment of the real estate market... your For Sale By Owner solution for agencies.
  • Co-Brokingbecome a big-time international commercialisation company of new construction projects and save between 4 and 6% on total sales values.



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Find out about the latest trends in real estate and how Optima-CRM can help you respond
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