There aren’t many businesses that haven’t embraced SEO (search engine optimization) by now. Those that haven’t are likely are likely to be floundering! This is no different for real estate agencies – you guys need SEO just as much as the next business.

In recent years, SEO and digital marketing have changed in a big way.  This is mainly due to Google’s countless algorithm updates, and the significant effects they have on online activity. Once upon a time, you could simply put up a website, populate it with content and a few choice keywords and you were ready to go. This is no longer the case.

Algorithms changed the game

Today, thanks to Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms (to name a couple), it’s a different ballgame. Google is now smart enough to identify sites that are using manipulative SEO tactics. This means it’s much more of a challenge to operate on a tiny budget, applying minimal efforts.

Real estate agencies must put in a lot more graft if they are to rank highly in search results – especially as they have so much competition. There are plus points to this, however. For instance, if you make an effort to know what you’re doing and you’re a hardworking, serious business, you’re likely to get ahead of the game. You’ll easily bypass your ‘spammy’ or lazy competitors.

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Is your site SEO friendly?

Whatever the size of your real estate business, customers will expect to find you online – and with a professional, user-friendly website at that. For this reason, you need optimum exposure. This means that if you haven’t already invested in SEO, you really should.

It would be smart to carry out an audit of your present situation. For example, you could type some keywords into the search engines your customers are likely to be using. Make sure these keywords are the kind of words your customers would type if they wanted to find a business like yours. For example, properties for sale in Marbella, or new properties Costa del Sol.

Also do this on a mobile device, as the results will be different from those you’ll get on desktop. Mobile-friendly websites get more exposure. Then, check out whether you’re popping up anywhere near the top of the first page or results. If not, there is work to be done.

Where to start with SEO?

Yes, SEO is time consuming to understand and implement. However, it really does benefit your target audience, so that’s well worth considering. By implementing good SEO, you’re adding true value for your customers, and you’re going to get many more of them. The content you put out will be genuinely interesting to your customers, making for a much better user experience and an attractive site.

Here’s the good news. With Optima-CRM’s powerful real estate CRM software, you can rank your website with built-in SEO power. This means that you can make any property unique and SEO-friendly, thanks to our carefully crafted SEO features for properties and new construction projects.

Our software takes the hard work out of your SEO. This means that every single property on your books (even those listed with other agencies) can be optimized with original content. That includes title, description, meta title and description, meta keywords, and all the ALT tags for your images.

As if that weren’t enough, it can be done in many different languages! As you can see, we have left no stone unturned. The best news is that SEO is only one of the things that Optima-CRM software for real estate can do. Get in touch now to find out more.