Introduction videos

Fully benefit from these videos: activate sound, maximise the videos & select the highest quality setting.

General Introduction to Optima-CRM

A general introduction to Optima-CRM before you watch the next videos.

Audience: all users

Sound: yes

Time: 4 minutes 58 seconds

Introduction to Accounts Management

Managing clients from a central control panel: the Accounts Grid

Audience: all users

Sound: yes

Time: 10 minutes 40 seconds

Introduction to Holiday Rentals Bookings

Managing short term rentals: bookings, payments, maintenance and cleaning orders

Audience: holiday rental users

Sound: yes

Time: 5 minutes 29 seconds

Introduction to Event Sequences

Automating activities based on predefined events: Event Seqeunces

Audience: advanced users & agency admins

Sound: no

Time: 6 minutes 22 seconds

How to create a Property

Learn how to create a property in Optima-CRM with all options explained.

Audience: all users

Sound: no

Time: 9 minutes 28 seconds