Make the most of Summer with Alquilo-Yo!

Alquilo-Yo Solution: your low-risk/low-cost white-labeled for rent by owner solution to open markets providing services to DIY Landlords

A New Innovative For Rent By Owner Solution 100% integrated with Optima-CRM

For Rent by Owner Solution: Fully Integrated with Optima-CRM
Tap into the For Rent By Owner market with Alquilo-YO!

Offer a DIY solution with or without representation, against fixed fees, to landlords who want to outsource part, all, or none of the management of their property. As an innovator in the rentals market, it'll fatten your profit margin with the least possible amount of extra efforts while attracting owners to work with you!

See it to Believe it!

Alquilo-Yo: For Rent by Owner Solution

Some of the advantages of Alquilo-Yo


    • DIY - Do It Yourself: a for rent by owner platform that allows the Owner to do it all himself.
    • Choices of packages & services for marketing & management of the property.
    • Easy payment by card or bank transfer (Stripe API integrated).
    • Self-manage property details
    • Interact with renters directly.
    • Real-time iCal integration of calendars with any of the portals the property is published.
    • Transparency of bookings and real-time financials.
    • Block periods in the calendar for own use of the property.
    • Maximum exposure of property through the agency's marketing channels.




  • Contract vendors in a variety of ways & allow autonomy as far as the agency decides.
  • Gain access to Owners that would otherwise never contract with an agency.
  • Personalise services rendered to each owner.
  • Up-sell services: reforms, professional photos...  virtual tours!
  • Fully automated process
  • #1 card charging "Stripe" integrated.
  • Be paid for "a la carte" services adding value-add.
  • Fully branded in the company name & colours.






For Rent by Owner Solution: Fully Integrated with Optima-CRM