10 innovations  10 more reasons for Optima-CRM

* Native 360º Virtual Tours at no extra cost
* Live Map Drawing to define client profiles
* Traffic lights show property completeness
* Drag & drop images, activities,...
* Contract generator for all contract types
* Timelines for properties, vendors & clients
* Real-time Mailchimp integration
* iOS & Android apps for work on-the-go
* Real-time average price calculations
* YoVendo allowing For Sale By Owners
The only way forward is through evolution and at Optima-CRM we like to stay always a step or two ahead on the newest trends offering our users with innovative tools to win from their competition. Follow these new trends and solutions on our CRM Updates page.
Discover all its innovative features as well as the latest extensions opening for you complete new business opportunities! For example now you can offer For Sale By Owner solutions, or commercial New Construction promotions through an international agency network...
crm real estate
Its adaptive nature makes it a perfect business companion for the office & on-the-go:
crm real estate
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