What to do  NOT  to miss the boat in Real Estate?

applying common sense online

Clients for coastal real estate typically research available properties online, prior to visiting or contacting a listing agency. There are several things that are instrumental to drive a potential client to your website, and keep them in your ecosystem:
  • Be visible online
  • Be unique (or appear to be at least)
  • Entice them with an attractive offer
  • Capture the lead
  • Follow-up closely

The battle is won online...are you, better said, is your property system ready for this?

Apply these 5 elements and win from even your biggest competitor online, pulling in potential buyers before anyone else does:

1.  Unique content on your website for your own listings as for those of other agencies.
2. Never display property references that are shown on competitors websites (the most popular property systems' references can be Googled and found...making you lose your client!)
3.  EVERY property photo needs to be optimised for SEO as nowadays photos are the Number 1 ranking reasons in Google. Do all your photos carry original ALT descriptions?

Tools & Tips
Winning in the real estate market is possible yet complicated...here are a few ingredients you need:
  1. A robust online marketing strategy
  2. An experienced team both experts in web as online marketing (hard to find!)
  3. A highly performing website design that can be organically positioned (SEO)
  4. The best CRM solution for Real Estate that handles your online publishing, manage your agency, shares intelligently with others, etc.


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