CRM for real estate

Real Estate customer service is not the same as customer service in other industries. Buying property is a very big deal for most people, and the level of service required must reflect this. If you’re a real estate agency, you’ve probably got a vast amount of competition; your services and attitude will need to be highly polished and word of mouth will be very important to you.

Often, real estate agents are looking for crm for real estate and they will be pretty hot on reminding clients to refer them to friends and family. Although there is nothing wrong with this, realistically it’s only going to happen when the agency is deserving of the recommendation. If you aren’t prepared to provide an excellent level of service, there’s not much point in asking. When the customer is happy, you’ll find it incredibly easy to get referrals. But how can you be sure your customers are genuinely happy?

CRM for real estate

1. Adopt an empathetic attitude

It’s not so hard to imagine yourself in your customer’s position. Their hopes, dreams and fears are something you’ve no doubt experienced in your time – and probably as a property buyer.

If you can put yourself in your customers’ shoes, you’re much more likely to pull out all the stops to make sure they get what they want, every step of the way. It shouldn’t matter which service they require; you can’t afford to under-prioritise someone based on their level of financial input into your business.

Whatever the job is, do it thoroughly and with proper communication. Whatever news you need to deliver, imagine how they might receive it before you speak. Finding the most compassionate way to interact will win you much respect, and plenty of referrals.


2. Communicate consistently

This applies to all areas of your service, but especially to communication. If your customers are asking for updates, they probably want them now; not tomorrow, or next week. Buying a property is likely to be an important milestone for them, and they’ll want things to move at a reasonable speed.

Although you’re busy – and not on call - making time for your customers whenever you can will make them feel that they’re important to you. If you are organised enough to be timely with your communications, you are going to be taken seriously as an agent.

If there’s something you don’t know the answer to, that’s not a reason to avoid returning calls. “I don’t know yet, but I’m working on it” is better than radio silence. When you do what you say you will, when you say you will, you’re already on the way to being successful for the long term.

3. Be appreciative

When you adopt the attitude that you have no business without your customers, you treat them like they have value. Customers love to feel that you actually care about their experience; this way, they are sure that they made the right choice in agent, even when the news isn’t what they hoped for.

You can show your appreciation in various ways: closing gifts are common - they’re a pleasant surprise that says, “we did it - together”. Thank you notes are another good idea, and when you tell the customer what you enjoyed about working with them, you can’t fail to make them smile. They’ll also know you were paying attention.

So that your agency stays in their minds well after the sale is closed, check in with them once in a while to see how they’re doing in the property, or at least once a year to wish them a happy anniversary. That way, when their friends want to make a move to the region, your name will be the first on their lips.

How can you sustain the organization required for such an excellent service?

It’s not so difficult, unless you’re trying to do things in an old school way, with Post-It notes and telephone memos. That’s probably not going to help much in today’s competitive property markets. Using a customer relationship management software with your industry in mind is a wise move. Optima-CRM for real estate has covered all bases so that you are 100% on top of your game, day in, day out. Real estate client management has never been easier. For free a demo, you know where to find us.