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Key elements of our solution include:

Sales and Resales of Properties

Manage property sales holistically, whether dealing with resales properties or new construction properties. Manage the viewings, offers/counteroffers, and the complete sales process with it’s sales stages from start to finish. You can even handle properties from other agencies and treat them (update them) as if they were your own, which benefits you when it comes to SEO positioning them.
Dealing with new construction projects (or bank owned properties for that matter), you can manage the phasing of the properties belonging to the project, whether they are off plan or finished…you control pricing and inventory. Furthermore you can create dynamic price lists as to always have the most current inventory to base on for sales.

Rentals Management of Long Term and Holiday Rentals

Complete management with integrated booking system (with cleaning and work order management).
For those of you in the business of holiday rentals, you know that this is a meticulous job and requires an extremely good organisation of all involved elements…and there are many! With our all-in-one booking solution you can do just that and connect it to your website to permit real-time availability control and allow for incoming enquiries and even real-time online bookings.
Manage all properties, bookings, payments, cleanings, repairs and other work orders from within one place.

Land Projects: Define Urban Land in all nitty gritty details

Urban land projects require a whole different set of details to define the buildability and specifics. We offer you the tools to create all details and upload all required documents. Besides residential properties, you can now also share land properties with other agencies.
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Management of All Types of Activities & Events

Manage Tasks, Meetings, Offers/Counteroffers, Sales & Sales Stages, Visits/Tours, etc.
Now you have all the tools to manage every single aspect of your business…and all these activities come with internal and email notifications, integrate fully with your calendar and email systems such as Office 365 and Google Calendar, create entries on the clients’ timelines, and much much more!
Your personalised Dashboard gives you a quick view over all things in the pipeline and as a Manager you can overlook your team’s activities and events.

Bi-Directional Connection To/From Any Portal

Exporting to portals can most property systems...what about BI-DIRECTIONAL connections?
We do not make compromises when it comes to making your life easier! We not only connect with virtually any existing portal, we also can connect with new portals that are coming onto a always evolving market. Out Exporter allows you to connect quickly to any existing and new portals.
Besides the obvious automated export of properties to these portals, we also integrate the enquiries coming from those portals. This means that you do not have to copy/paste the emails you get from these portals into your CRM, but instead that our CRM automatically receives these enquiries an creates leads with notifications so you can instantly get on these new opportunities!

Export and Import

Properties, leads, owners, companies, etc. to and from anywhere
Optima-CRM is an open technology that is flexible to receive (import) from about any source as well as export in all generally accepted formats. Properties can be easily imported into your agency from any other property source as well as exported to any portal or a partner agency’s website. Leads can easily be imported from a file you have; they are also automatically created when you receive an enquiry via your website, landing page or any portal on which you publish properties. You can even export a selection of clients to other systems such as Mailchimp. Furthermore you can do similar things with owners and companies.

Landing Pages for Marketing Campaigns

Create professional landing pages SEO-optimised & mobile friendly.
Whenever you need to create a mini-website quickly, whether it is for Google Adwords campaigns or simply to promote a specific property or area, our Landing Pages creation is easy and professional. As an enduser you can create such pages based on one of the many great templates available, tweak it to your needs, preview it and publish it! Obviously we built-in the necessary SEO elements so you minimise the pay-per-click costs yet rank higher.

Full SEO Functions for Properties and Projects

The battle these days is half-won online. Buyers and renters investigate online to decide who they will contact and here you either pay Google for ads or you organically grow online and get seen in search engines. Every property and new construction project comes with the tools you need to achieve the SEO results you want, and you can do this in ANY language you decide to position. Some of our clients even position properties of competing agencies who share properties with them, better than the listing agencies do!
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Audit Trails and Authorisation Roles

Because you care about your data...and be legally in order!
Your biggest asset is your data, so protecting it is not a luxury but a must. Our intelligently chosen authorisation roles protect your data and only those people in your business will see the data of clients and owners relevant to them, avoiding that someone copies them to run away to the competition.

Furthermore the system tracks any updates in an Audit trail within every element of the system. You can see who updates what, from where, when, and what the old values were!

Decrete 218 (Andalucía)

Complying with the law is not an option but a must.
This law valid in Andalucía obliges real estate companies to disclose a series of details on any property they commercialise. We made this easier for our agencies by providing the tools to generate these official documents and not forget to disclose any element relevant to this law.

Factiva of Dow Jones

Due diligence on your clients for this European law against money laundering.
Every real estate transaction requires the agency to do their due diligence and “know your client (KYC)”. Agencies who fail to show they have done their due diligence at the time of transaction risk very steep fines and even closure by the authorities. Optima-CRM is the only real estate software that has the quality stamp of Dow Jones with the integration of their Factiva solution. Factiva is a worldwide database that stores any public knowledge about individuals and businesses so you can do this due diligence and record the results automatically in your CRM solution.

Office 365 and Google Calendar

Email and calendar integration.
To make Optima-CRM your central tool to store ALL information in your business is made even easier with the integration of Office 365 and Google Apps. Sending and receiving emails transparently stored in both your Outlook application as well on each of the relevant clients in your CRM. Calendars also sync so that when you’re on-the-go you know of every meeting, viewing etc. in real-time.
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Co-Broking: Commercialise Developments Through Your Agencies Network

Co-broking refers to a company promoting real estate using a network of agencies who connect to the company to obtain the marketing material that the company makes available to these agencies, in a defined format, and whereas the agencies can download them branded in the individual agencies’ brand (logo, contact information etc.).

No longer is this a tool for commercialisation companies only; now ANY promotor/builder can act as a commercialisation company distributing directly through the same network of agencies, but without the middleman. Also a real estate agency that has a development in exclusivity can do the same!

MLS: private Multi-Listing System

Optima-CRM is also a Multiple Listings System yet it has reinvented the way agencies share. Unlike other systems, we understand the need to share in a much more selective way and this is why we engineered multi-level sharing. Basically you can decide what you share with which agency (not just set Preferred Agencies), whether you want to share certain properties to a series of agencies and not to others, and other properties to all or yet another subset of agencies.

You can decide to share one-way or both ways between these agencies, as well whether you want to include only properties or also new construction projects.
Some of our agencies use it to set up their own private networks (more than 1 private network even) between groups of agencies.

iOS and Android Application for Agents

All the information and tools you need on-the-go in your pocket.
A smartphone we all carry with us, unlike a tablet which not all of the agents are carrying around. With our innovative iOS and Android app smartphone users can access all the relevant information on their clients, owners of properties, properties…in an easy-to-use app. Updates can be made to viewings/tours, feedback provided, and even you can do a listing in real-time from your smartphone without the need to make notes on paper.

Contract Generator

Create your own templates to be used in your company.
Contracts and agreements you need and make in different moments and for different reasons within your business. Our contract generator enables you to define standard contracts with as many variants as you need and in any language. These contracts can then be used throughout CRM with examples such as Listing Agreement, Purchase Contract, Rental Agreement, Collaboration Agreement, Offer, etc.

Email Templates

Save time when sending emails.
Optima-CRM allows you to send emails from a variety of elements and places, and often you’ll need to send similar emails. To avoid you to have to duplicate contents each time, you can set up as many email templates as you want and in any language. When sending emails, simply select from the templates and thanks to shortcodes values will be filled in automatically!

Fully Customisable

Because YOU are special!
Even with the definition of the best business practices in our CRM, we leave lots of room for you to personalise your agency and even personal settings by user. This creates the flexibility you expect from a CRM solution today and allows you to shape it to your specific needs.

CMS Integration of One or More Websites

Agencies opting to use the same AngularJS technology for their website as we use for our CRM, benefit from the full integration within their CRM agency account. Besides the obvious benefits of the fastest web technology (no coincidence AngularJS is a product of Google), our custom CMS (Content Management System) embedded in CRM allows you to manage all content of your website from within the same admin login. Besides the obvious management of properties & projects, you can also manage the content of any page on your web as well as your blogs, in all languages you elected to maintain.