Do you want your company to be more than just another...
Real Estate AgencyAre you tired of other agencies pulling ahead of you?Then this is the solution for you!
Real Estate Commercialisation, also known as CO-BROKING, is very important for Promotors & Commercialisation Companies in Real Estate.
Let us show YOU the concept of Co-Broking and what it can do for YOUR company!
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The Possibilities

The Key to Co-Broking in Optima-CRM is the fact that everything is connected.These are just a small portion of the connected services and features for you to make use of:

  • Your own Website(s), publish your content directly to your website with unique content & optimised SEO.
  • Property Portals, where you can publish properties with alternative descriptions as to not publish duplicated content.

Your Co-Broking Portal

Co-Broking of Real Estate Projects and New Developments is now accessible to any company that would like to commercialise leveraging the power of an international network of agencies yet without the need of an intermediary company for marketing & sales.

YOU can be the MASTER AGENCY instead!

Optima-CRM provides you with the following tools:

  • Full project commercialisation management: Manage inventories and release by phases, mass price updates by phase, generate dynamic price lists and more.
  • Upload your professional marketing materials, such as brochures, window cards, e-mail templates, building specifications, floor plans, renderings & images, etc.
  • Allow specialty agencies to join your network so they can promote your project in their local markets.
  • Allow Agencies to download your marketing materials yet branded for each individual agency (logo's, contact information,...).
  • Agencies can register their clients through your portal into CRM for easy scheduling and follow up.
  • Export XML feeds with your project & properties to feed participating agencies with separate content to not impact your own website, or share via the internal MLS functions of Optima-CRM with member agencies. Also, export to any portal of your choice.
Take commercialisation in your own hands with these ALL-NEW Co-Broking functions of our Optima-CRM solution. Come and test-drive our innovative solution today!