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Best CRM for Real Estate of 2018

These days it's easy to lose yourself in the jungle of Real estate only the ones that deserve your trust and time! Optima-CRM was named as one of the Best CRM solutions of 2018 worldwide by MirrorReview...and the only Best CRM for Real Estate  in the Top 10!




Types Optima-CRM handles as no-one else:

With Optima-CRM you can handle ANY type of Real Estate. Our solution gives you access to all of them yet you decide which you use and show to your users. Personalisation is key for any productive solution.

  Residential (sales and resales, long term rentals and booking system for holiday rentals management)

√  Commercial (e.g. commercial centres, shops, hotels,…)

  Industrial (e.g. warehouses, offices, car washes,…)

  Buildings and packaged properties

Land (including full classification details & project information)

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