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Top 4 reasons why you need to consider our Optima-CRM solution:

    1. Strong integrations: 

      • Calendars: syncing of your appointments and tasks, your calendar on every device including via our App for iOS & Android.
      • Emails synchronised: your conventional email at all times synced with CRM allowing to send, receive & reply from in or outside CRM.
      • Bi-directional connections: publish to any portal and website + receive auto-created leads in CRM - never miss a client again!
      • External property networks: our open-infrastructure allows to auto-import properties from external services, consolidating properties from various sources into one central database.
      • Google Maps: pinpoint locations & draw on live maps to define areas and property searches for your clients in CRM and your web.
    2. Powerful automations:

      • Event-based activities: auto-creation of activities on calendars of users that need to execute them + notifications + management.
      • Notifications: personalised email notifications triggered by events + reminders of activities showing in or outside CRM.
      • Data crossing & alerts: real-time clients-properties mapping + alert emails going out to clients with properties matching their needs.
    3. Standard features:

      • 360º Virtual tours: create your virtual tours inside CRM without need for any additional license nor interface & show in your web.
      • Update your website: our CMS (content manager) in CRM allows you to update every aspect of your website from one central login.
      • Any transaction: manage resales, new construction developments, long term rental contracts & holiday rental bookings.
      • Valuations: compare pricing of any type of property by municipality for sales, long term and short term rentals in real-time.
    4. Advanced websites & CRM licenses:

      • Free: we have a free option to use our CRM and have your own professional website at no charge.
      • CRM licenses: from 1 user to as many as you need.
      • Integrate your web: we can integrate any existing website in CRM.
      • New website: from scratch or choose any of our models.

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