Real Estate Software

Does your business have EVERYTHING it needs to win? Do you own the best piece of Real Estate Software ever made?

Here are the KEY ELEMENTS successful real estate businesses use to beat their competition...and you can have them too!

  • ALL your data on clients, properties, leads, portals, website, landing pages, campaigns, all documents & original images, etc. in ONE CENTRAL & SECURE SOLUTION.
  • Fully integrated website with your CRM system where you manage ALL contents in one place.
  • An APP for your smartphones (iOS and Android alike) to access & maintain viewings, consult info on clients & properties & list new properties in real-time, for agents on-the-go.
  • Create landing pages for campaigns, virtual tours, 360º images, connect to ANY portal, draw on maps to search properties, etc, to increase your productivity.

Optima-CRM is the MOST COMPLETE real estate CRM solution:

No other real estate software offers such a wide range of property types to be commercialised handling as many details as we do. Each type is very specific and now you can handle all the necessary details exactly how you need!

Types Optima-CRM handles as no-one else:

  • New construction projects (promotions) & their individual properties/units
  • Resales
  • Holiday rentals bookings + maintenance & cleanings management
  • Long term rentals management & contracts
  • Retail businesses
  • Hotels
  • Commercial centres / malls
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Car washes
  • Storage units
  • Highrises
  • Multi-family buildings
  • Packaged properties
  • Urban zoned
  • Non-urban zoned


So what are you waiting for? get a head start now with the Optima-CRM Solution, by far the best Real Estate Software out there!