Co-Broking: Full Control of Real Estate Commercialisation in Own Hands

Power of Commercialisation in Own Hands

We bring the power of commercialisation of your own development projects, or those you commercialise on behalf of a project owner, to real estate agencies & promotors, without the need for a custom software investment. Now everyone can become its own Master Commercialisation Agency and connect to a network of real estate agencies.

This way YOU control the project image, all sales, whilst saving significantly on commercialisation costs. OptimaSys is the maker of custom software for various successful Co-Broking companies in Spain (= the traditional commercialisation companies/middlemen) and thanks to our innovative CRM solution we have extended its functionality to enable co-broking from within Optima-CRM.

Leverage the power of your co-broking network and collaborate with the agencies worldwide that you decide. Let these agencies promote your development in their local markets and bring you the buyers. You’ll only pay these agencies the commissions you would pay to any other agency, without having to pay for marketing or intermediaries.

Promotors / Builders / Developers / Project Owners

By taking control over the commercialisation process without the need to create a sales team, you can save several % points for every sale made. Whereas third party “Master Agencies” charge steep fees for every sale in addition to marketing fees, you can now be your own Master Agency thanks to the Co-Broking extension in Optima-CRM.

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Information for Promotors

Real Estate Agencies & Commercialisation Companies

Real Estate Agencies or Commercialisation Companies who have exclusivity over the commercialisation of a development or new construction project can now operate as Master Agency without the need of a large custom software. Professional Co-Broking function are now within your reach and this opens a whole new world of opportunities!

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How Co-Broking works – Data Flow (click image to enlarge):

Leveraging the innovative Optima-CRM for Real Estate

Co-Broking functions is yet another complement to the continued enriched CRM solution used by many real estate businesses in Spain and abroad. The functionality that made Optima-CRM the choice of professionals in this industry is the strong basis for the new module for Co-Broking, empowering commercialisation companies to manage the entire process from within one solution:

  • Full Project commercialisation management support commercialisation phases, dynamic price lists, and inventory release management.
  • Complete Property management and configuration, and additionally including import and export functions with external systems and portals.
  • Centralised clients management for sales staff and telemarketing operators.
  • Integral sales administration from client registration through every sales step to completion of sales with keys in hands.
  • Benefit from the integrated digital marketing tools such as the setup of all SEO elements for projects & properties, generate professional landing pages, etc.
  • Bi-directional integration of lead generation from websites and portals
CRM for real estate

So what do you need?

  1. A Real Estate project (new construction development, bank repossessed urbanisation, etc.) either owned or you represent the owner, or you have the  exclusive commercialisation rights.
  2. The corresponding Optima-CRM licenses.
  3. A website/portal where your collaborating agencies can access the marketing material you make available: no worries, we can do this for you too!
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