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Innovative White Label

Real Estate Solutions


With Optima-CRM at the core of your business, extensions built on the same powerful engine allow for highly specialised business processes to be implemented quickly so that your business can start benefiting fast from new trends before your competitors do.

Additionally we are enabling functions that in the past could only be performed by 'big companies' who had the means to have custom software created to their needs. Now YOU can be a 'BIG company' without the need of those means!

Innovative Agency Solution


Finally you can now tap into a huge neglected For Sale By Owner (FSBO) market: Owners who never will pay a commission for an agency to represent them in the sale of their property.

Fact: +40% of all property owners reject paying commissions

YoVendo is a new platform for Agencies who can now offer such owners to market their properties without representation nor commissions, against a fixed marketing fee which is not dependent on the success of the sale. While using their existing marketing vehicles, through the automated platform of YoVendo, Agencies can upsell services and fatten their profit margins with the least possible amount of extra efforts.


Convert your business into a marketing vehicle for real estate, increase income from owners who'd never contract with an agency, and let them fund your steadily growing list of qualified buyers!

  • Access-controlled portal for co-broking agencies from anywhere in the world: you define which agencies are allowed to market your Projects.
  • Market in all your target markets without spending money on marketing: the co-broking agencies market your Projects in the their local markets.
  • Pay only a commission on a successful sale.
  • You control the image of your Projects through your marketing material that's made available through the Portal: co-broking agencies can download the materials that are branded in their individual brands and contact info...safeguarding the price, the image and making it easy for these agencies to promote your Projects.
  • Book viewings through the Portal straight into Optima-CRM & process sales.

Commercialisation of New Construction Projects

Co-Broking Platform

White-labeled portal platform to create national and international collaborations with real estate agencies looking to market your new construction projects that you have in exclusivity, whether or not being the promotor yourself.

Save big on the now redundant 'international real estate' marketing companies. Our clients embracing this innovative platform save from 4% and upwards on total sales values in commercialisation costs.

The Co-Broking platform allows you to deliver standardised marketing materials, distributing it through your network of agencies who are marketing your projects in their local markets, bringing your buyers for only the sales commission and not their marketing costs.

Innovative Rental Solution


Alquilo-Yo is a new platform for Agencies to offer property owners a new way of interacting through the Agency for renting their property/properties. This platform on one hand puts the owner in control of the rental process that's handled by the Agency, with real-time statuses on finances andbookings. Owners can block or book properties themselves while contracting management services offered by the Agency.

Property availability is kept up-to-date in real-time through iCal synchronisation with calendars in a variety of portals and websites where the properties are being marketed.



Are you growing or expanding your company via franchising?

Especially for growing businesses and franchising networks alike, we have introduced the functions to manage multiple offices from a central or master office. As master office, you decide who gets to access which data in the group while all are using the same CRM solution.

Data protection is required in its broadest sense yet without having to duplicate unnecessary work. Using the multi-offices solution works both for companies internally managing multiple physical or virtual offices, as well as to build out a franchising network where you need to stay in control and have total visibility over each of the offices in your network.

Additional functions and reporting can be made available specifically to suit your needs and particular structure. Having this base in place makes it an easy and fast process to adapt it to your needs within a very short period of time.

Special pricing applies to franchising businesses and we suggest you contact us for such specifics.

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