"For sale by owner"
Solution for Agencies

Optima-CRM drops a new function for vendors & agencies.

YoVendo is a Win-Win situation for Agencies & Vendors

100% integrated with Optima-CRM

Finally Agencies can tap in the 40+% of the "forgotten" revenue stream where as previously Agencies stood no chance to tap into. This now has changed with the arrival of the innovative extension called YoVendo. Make 2019 THE year of change for your business and virtually DOUBLE your revenue thanks to this nifty solution!

crm extension

Benefit from the Newest Technologies in Real Estate

Get your personalised DEMO today, it's FREE and can change your life:




  • No commision
  • No exclusivity
  • Maximum exposure of property
  • Choices of packages & services
  • Self-manage property details:  upload property & photos
  • Interact with end-buyer directly
  • Get assistance from Agency through additional services
  • Possibility to switch to representation at any time



  • Access to 40% of vendors not willing to be represented by Agency
  • Charge for marketing services via same vehicles already used for the rest of the business
  • Upsell services: Professional photos, Virtual Tours, Keyholding, Home-staging
  • Fully automated process: limited need for staff
  • Be paid at start & not depend on the outcome of the transaction