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Professional Services for the Real Estate industry

OptimaSit.com offers specialised profesional services for Real Estate businesses:

* Custom web-based software solution
* Tailor-made websites
* Interfacing with portals and property systems

Online Marketing services include:

* Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - on-site & offsite SEO
* Search Engine Marketing (SEM - Google Adwords,...)
* Social Media Optimisation (SMO)
* Social Media Marketing (SMM - Facebook campaigns,...)
* Social Media Community Manager


Next: the Golden Egg

After the Chocolate...the Golden Egg! After the chocolate Easter eggs...time to discover the Golden Egg! Now that we've satisfied our cravings for chocolate, time for something much sweeter still that will bring prosperity in your Real Estate business!Have a look at this fun & relevant video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEB_BbEaI6s&feature=youtu.be Innovating your business today See our innovations in action [...]

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Top 3 things for the High Season

Top 3 Things To Beat Your Competition Easter came early this year...THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY NOW! An early Easter means a longer high season and time to get organised. With these 3 key elements you'll be ready to beat your competitors: The vision and will to beat your competitors: you really need to want to [...]

Real Estate automation lifted to a New Level!

Introducing: Event Sequences A fully automated way to book your activities ahead based on "events" in your business...Optima-CRMschedules and reminds you (and your staff) of all tasks to be performed when for example a new lead is added, a property is listed...whatever you decide! Fully customisable Book activities on calendars automatically Manage staff's work Never forget [...]

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We Want You To Have Your DEMO Now!

  To see is to believe  don't lose out! People who see our demo say: "Optima-CRM is the most complete solution we've seen so far." "We didn't expect to find a real estate solution that fits our needs 100% until we saw yours." "Real estate is complex and your all-in-one solutions are a must for [...]

Constant Evolution

10 innovations  10 more reasons for Optima-CRM * Native 360º Virtual Tours at no extra cost * Live Map Drawing to define client profiles * Traffic lights show property completeness * Drag & drop images, activities,... * Contract generator for all contract types * Timelines for properties, vendors & clients * Real-time Mailchimp integration * iOS & Android apps for [...]

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3 Ways to Guarantee Happy Real Estate Customers and Referrals

CRM for real estate Real Estate customer service is not the same as customer service in other industries. Buying property is a very big deal for most people, and the level of service required must reflect this. If you’re a real estate agency, you’ve probably got a vast amount of competition; your services and attitude [...]

3 reasons why you should rent your website!

  1. Better user experience with an advanced site gaining online confidence; 2. No integration issues: 100% integrated with Optima-CRM by design; 3. Pay-as-you-go so you keep the funds available for marketing your business. With the fast pace the real estate market is evolving, having a top notch website is a higher priority than ever before. We [...]

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Tips for Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Spain

If you’re thinking of becoming a real estate agent in Spain, there are a few things you should know. There are a couple of different types of real estate agent here, so it helps to know what you’re up against in terms of competition. It also helps to know what category you’ll fit into, and [...]

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Be the Winner in Online Marketing

Since online marketing is the new way to create awareness, reduce expenses, have a competitive advantage and gain leads. The Best Real Estate CRM Software Optima-CRM offers different features to gain more potential customers!   SEO & sharing content The better you position more pages, the higher the organic traffic visiting your site, hence the greater the [...]

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6 Reasons Real Estate Agents Have It Tough

Those who don’t understand the Real Estate business tend to assume that Realtors have an easy life. They think you’re raking in the euros, and living a life of luxury. Few seem to spend much time contemplating what you actually have to do for those euros. It’s really not true that you work the hours [...]

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