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  Yet Another Reason to LOVE Optima-CRM for Real Estate

The Agent on-the-go now has the tools to access the information needed to interact with clients and owners. But of course we didn't stop there...the app has many more functions that are useful when out and about at a property. Listing a property from a smartphone, including adding images, as well as updating a viewing with comments and answering questionnaires so that the owner instantly is appraised of the results of the showing of the property.

Also with the iOS/Android App as with the rest of our CRM solution, we are constantly improving functions and adding features. In the area of holiday rentals & maintenance, we prepare a series of functions soon to be added. This will allow maintenance people to report their interventions, the agent to check-in or check-out the tenants, etc.

You can tell us which specific functions that would be useful for you when on-the-go!

A Real Mobile Solution


Real Estate Agents On-The-Go


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Learn how our native app for iPhone and Android devices makes the most relevant functions of Optima-CRM available to you when on-the-go! We have packed this app with lots of truly useful things and continue to add new functions based on your feedback.

Taking your client out on a viewings tour? Manage all viewings in real-time so you don’t have to do this after hours when you finally get back to the office…or home. Best of all is that the property owner gets updated instantly and automatically…so you can earn their trust and sell or rent their property.

Besides having access to all your clients and owners, you can even upload a new listing to CRM in real-time via the app…imagine how much work you save and avoid potential oversights for which you need to return to the property!


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Desktop PCs & Laptops

No matter whether you run MacOS or Windows, Optima-CRM runs on either one. Access it on your desktop or decide!

Your Favourite Browser

We're an IT company and you're the should not depend on which browser to use. Unlike some others, we deliver solutions and websites compatible with ALL browsers!

Tablets Alike

Even tablets run Optima-CRM as if you were on a PC. You have the identical functions and accesses from your tabled, no matter whether it's an iPad or Android...we got you covered!

To App or Not to App

Technically your smartphone can access the Optima-CRM full version, yet when you're on-the-go, you'll appreciate the especially developed native app for iOS and Android, putting the most needed functions in your pocket!