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Yet Another Reason to LOVE Optima-CRM for Real Estate

We believe in evolution and for you to win in this economy you need ways to keep that step ahead of your fierce competition! Optima-CRM gives you all the reasons to win with truly practical solutions so you can focus on your business.

With our innovative app you have the power of the most advanced CRM solution in your hands when and where you need it!

The same authorisation roles apply for every user accessing Optima-CRM via the app, same as they would via any browser…so your data remains safe!

And we can prove all we claim and say…allow us to show you in a live demo where we focus on your specialty areas. After the demo you can even test-drive our solution for free and without any obligation!

What are you waiting for?


Learn how our native app for iPhone and Android devices makes the most relevant functions of Optima-CRM available to you when on-the-go! We have packed this app with lots of truly useful things and continue to add new functions based on your feedback.

Taking your client out on a viewings tour? Manage all viewings in real-time so you don’t have to do this after hours when you finally get back to the office…or home. Best of all is that the property owner gets updated instantly and automatically…so you can earn their trust and sell or rent their property.

Besides having access to all your clients and owners, you can even upload a new listing to CRM in real-time via the app…imagine how much work you save and avoid potential oversights for which you need to return to the property!

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List a property in real-time!

We bring the paperless office to the paperless property listing! No more juggling with papers and scribbling notes of details of the property you’re about to list…while you have to do all the work all over again when you get to your office later on. Or even worse…hand your paperwork to an assistant who then has to input all those details into your system, without even having seen the property! Now you list a property right from your smartphone, select all details and even take & upload photos. The moment you leave the building, the property is already uploaded in your Optima-CRM agency!

More Amazing Tools natively integrated in Optima-CRM

  • Build your own & unlimited Virtual Tours straight from within CRM
  • Add original sized images without the need to resize (your smartphone photos go straight to CRM!)
  • Upload 360º images & use your videos
  • Create professional Landing Pages right from within your CRM
  • Manage budgets, quotas & ROI of your Portals subscriptions
  • Create Questionnaires for your sales people to answer during viewings & tours with clients
  • Let CRM send property owners automated emails with feedback from viewings
  • Access in real-time detailed statistics of all marketing & sales activities on any given property
  • Draw polygons on live maps to set areas of interest & search properties in real-time
  • Manage much more than residential properties…land, warehouses, offices, commercial centres,…

Optima-CRM really has all included: test-drive it to see for yourself!


No matter which device you use…Optima-CRM has it covered!

PC compatible with ALL OS

Unlike many other CRM software makers, we do care about your preference in whether you’re a Windows users or prefer Mac. Our solution works on both operating systems. But we go even farther…each of these OS have a series of internet browsers, and whilst the more antiquated softwares limit their users to force them to use Chrome or Firefox, we let you make that choice. No matter whether you prefer to use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or even Internet Explorer, our team tests every change on all these platforms and OS!

Native app for iOS and Android

Introducing an industry first with this innovative complementary app for your iPhone or Android smartphone. Connect to the relevant functions and data of your Optima-CRM solution, from your smartphone. Now you can not only access all your clients & property owners, you can manage and update your viewing tours in real-time, as well as upload and list new properties, inclusive photos and characteristics. We take the paperwork and double work out of the equation, saving you valuable time and potential errors. Never has working on the road been this convenient and productive as today!

Tablets: regardless whether you use an iPad, Android or any other device

Tablet users can access all the rich functions of Optima-CRM via any browser of their choice. Same as with PC’s we are making sure that your preferred CRM solution works perfectly on any tablet device you use. All functions you are used to from our PC version also work on your tablet. This way you’ll be able to drag & drop items, draw on maps, and even create virtual tours from your tablet! Now you have all the means at your disposal to get your work done when and from where you choose! Find out more via a live demo now!

real estate app

Download the Optima-CRM app for free here:

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What else can we do for YOU?

We are here for you now and in the future with our All-In-One Solutions so that you can focus on what you do best: sell/rent Real Estate!

  • Data migration: upgrading to Optima-CRM goes smoothly with our help importing all your data
  • Website Design: we build you a new responsive website in the latest technologies such as AngularJS
  • Want to keep your current website? We connect your website to Optima-CRM to start benefiting in no time!
  • We connect to many portals already but we’ll add ANY property portal of your choice we wouldn’t already connected to
  • Change always requires learning…we offer Free training on Optima-CRM!
  • Digital Marketing: anything from SEO (organic positioning your website), SEM (Pay-Per-Click campaigns), email marketing, social media, etc.
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