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Pragmatic Ways to Organise and Manage

 CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a very broad term. Optima-CRM focuses on practically proven elements that allow you to take and keep control over your business and your teams.

Tasks, Meetings, Viewings, Sales steps…all is recorded and published in the calendars of the related persons, inside the system as well on external calendars such as Google Calendar, in Outlook, on mobile calendars etc.

Automation of Task & Meeting Creation based on Events

Optima-CRM makes it much easier to organise your work and that of your colleagues. Based on “events” (e.g. a new client, a new property, a sale,…etc. is created/added) automatically a series of activities is scheduled on the relevant persons’ calendars creating notifications. This allows to speed up the otherwise manual work of creating them + ensures no tasks are ever forgotten to be planned again!

Export to Any Portal of Your Choice & Receive Leads Automatically

Optima-CRM already imports from several property systems flawlessly, it also exports to some of the major property portals, and now you can also create the exports to any other portal using XML (and any other major portal on the market) you have an account with.

A user-friendly way to create the mapping of the Optima-CRM structures with those of external systems & websites/portals is built into the solution.

Its bi-directional integration allows not only to export properties automatically, it also imports requests from portal visitors straight into CRM creating potential clients (leads) for you without any manual intervention needed!

Creating Window Cards Was Never This Flexible and Easy

Be in control to create window cards that suit your need. You have access to a series of formats and within each format, you decide which photos to use, update texts & price. Obviously this is also multilingual! Optima-CRM comes with many more custom features to adapt to how you work and market your properties. Check out some of the excellent tools we built in for you.

Rank Your Website with Built-In SEO Power

You can make ANY property unique and SEO-friendly with the SEO features on properties and new construction projects.

Every property, even those from other Agencies can be optimised with original content for title, description, Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords, as well as ALT tags for images…and multilingually of course!

User Roles & Full Audit Tracing

Protecting your most precious assets: data. By applying the different User Roles you can manage who gets to see or update what. There are for example roles for admins, managers and agents.

Every move made in Optima-CRM is being recorded to create a reliable audit trail of activities performed. This allows you to know who did what and when.


Fully Multilingual

* Properties & projects in ANY language

* SEO optimisation in ANY language

* Multilingual user interface

Integrated CMS in AngularJS

* Get the fastest website

* Control all contents from inside CRM

* Outperform your competitors!

SEO Ready

* Uniquely optimise every property, project & photo

* Beat your competition online in any language

* Effective for own & other agents’ listings!

Co-Broking Solution for

New Construction Projects

* Finally manage & control the commercialisation of new construction projects!

* Commercialise new projects or bank repossessions to your international network of Real Estate agencies without the cost of Marketing or middelmen

* Offer NEW constructions as it were your own

Sharing Properties Reinvented

* Multi-level sharing: share like in real life

* Control who commercialises which properties

* It’s no longer “all or nothing”!

Sales & Holiday Rentals

* All-in-one Sales & Rentals

* Booking & management of property rentals

* Manage owners, services, maintenance…

Some of the portals we currently connect to:

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