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Optima-CRM for Real Estate:
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CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a very broad term. Optima-CRM focuses on practically proven elements that allow you to take and keep control over your business and your teams.

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Why Optima-CRM is the best

Real Estate Software

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Most Complete CRM
For Real Estate

Best of both worlds: an easy-to-use yet functions-rich solution that handle all your needs.

Improve your on-line presence with integrated pro-websites made for SEO, bi-directional portals management, clients follow-up & real-time interaction, staff management, on-the-go app for iOS & Android, and much more.

Continuous Evolution
Based on Your Input

Whereas other solutions stagnated, Optima-CRM is in constant evolution, integrating new functions constantly based on market changes and trends.

And the best of it all: YOU get your say in what we develop next & how it should look like! Optima-CRM was built and evolves together with YOUR needs. Ask us how you can be part of this exciting world of real estate CRM!

Awesome Support
Fast & in Your Language

All your questions answered within the shortest possible time and in your own language. We do reply to all your queries no matter time or day it is.

Our technical and functional teams are ready to answer you via phone, email, an interactive Tickets system, and even via chat. You matter to us...and you will feel at ease with the best service available.


Here's what make us really special

The basic principles of our all-in-one solution are found in these components:

Visual Clients & Owners Management

Graphical Control Panels: manage from one screen all interactions with your clients and vendors. A big time saver as you no longer have to navigate around to interact with your clients whilst keeping access to all relevant information.

Send, receive and reply to emails (incl. properties if desired) seamlessly integrated with your conventional email system.

Instant matching of data between properties & client profiles; no need to search as properties are continuously mapped with potential clients via their profile settings.

Draw live on Google maps where your clients are searching to allow you full flexibility in finding the right property in the exact locations of interest.


Event sequences allow you to define custom automated creation of activities, greatly reducing manual work & ensuring no task is forgotten.

Customisable email notifications inform right persons inside your organisation as well as external parties of events that require their attention. These notifications are triggered by a series of events that in itself also can be customised.

Automated Property Alerts allow you to automatically inform your clients whenever a property becomes available that matches their profile.

Automated Owners feedback emails keep your property owners appraised of any feedback from potential clients on their properties.

Open Infrastructure

Integration with ANY website is possible and a service we provide for you. You can also opt for a brand new High End Website that is natively integrated in Optima-CRM & SEO-ready. With over 500 websites implemented, we can certainly create yours too!

Import from ANY property system, one-time or daily. We integrate already with the major sharing systems.

Export to virtually ANY property portal through our bi-directional connections automatically generating leads in CRM for enquiries from portals and websites.

Create professional Landing Pages for your campaigns stright from within Optima-CRM.

Audit & Safety First

Data is your most valuable asset: safeguard it!

All updates made are recorded: you'll have full transparency of who updated which information, from where and what was the previous value.

The data you store in Optima-CRM is absolutely safe: we store it encrypted on a multi-tier storage infrastructure virtually excluding data loss possibilities.

Authorisation roles ensure that your data & functions are available to the appropriate persons in your organisation. You decide who gets to access what so that each person has access to what they need to do their job...and nothing more!

Business Suite - Built on Optima-CRM

White Label Expert Solutions giving you an edge on your competitors.

Full Spectrum Vision

Optima-CRM Full Spectrum
Compatible with any tablet
iOS & Android app for smartphones

Compatible with any device & browser

Don't worry about technologies...we got you covered!Our solutions are compatible with any device, any operating system and any browser. Whether you prefer Windows or MacOS, use a PC or a tablet, or even when you're on-the-go with only your smartphone, Optima-CRM adapts to your needs.

Optima-CRM's user interface is 100% JavaScript which makes it extra easy to use with drag & drop functions and no need to reload pages to update contents. Content displayed is also function-relevant so you do not have to weave through large sets of options when non-relevant.

We're always with you so you can access all your data safely whenever needed. This is particularly handy when you're out with clients to show properties, enter their comments in real-time, as well as when you're out listing a new property. Paperless uploading of a property in real-time from your smartphone is now standard!

Now you can truly go mobile and take your office wherever you go. Whether you use a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, you can access all data safely and transact as if you were in your office.

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