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The most complete and easy-to-use CRM for Real Estate software in the market that will augment your productivity and allow you to win from your competitors.

Manage every aspect of your business and be in control at all times while growing your business.

No matter whether your focus is in residential real estate or in other types of real estates like commercial or industrial. Sales & rentals, including holiday rentals...we got it all covered for you!



Residential Real Estate

Selling a resale property property is more than changing its status to “sold”. It includes the elaborate sales process itself, whereas commissions between agencies (sharing commissions) need to be calculated and assigned, as well as those for the sales agent and the listing agent whenever applicable.

Furthermore since it’s a “process”, it means that there are several steps from the moment of accepting the purchase offer, through signing an agreement, downpayment of a % of the price, through doing inspections, obtaining a mortgage, paying potentially installments, and many more things, through the closing at the notary.

Following are the post-sales activities such as changing over the utilities, community fees invoicing, etc.

Commercialising New Construction projects is much more than selling individual properties that belong to a promotion. With more people searching for new properties, the marketing of the actual Project is more important than ever before.

Potential buyers tend to educate themselves before contacting any agency and therefore it's key to provide relevant information about the Project and use this to your advantage for SEO (positioning of your site), whereto you then add all the available individual properties for sale.

Learn how you our New Constructions management can befit your business.

Long term rentals are properties rented by month(s) as opposed to Holiday Rentals (week/day) whereas the management is easy and straightforward.

Pricing is done by month and with the long term rental contracts module you manage the contracts over the agreed period of the rental. It allows you to generate rental agreements defined via the Contract Generator, setup the specifics of the agreement (months paid in advance, security deposit, etc.). This translates in the payment schedule integrated in the contract managements module. Here you can account for incoming payments and outstanding amounts.

Optima-CRM comes with a fully integrated bookings module where you manage the availability of short term rental properties, set pricing for as many pricing periods you need, calculate pricing across pricing periods, etc.

The booking module is for internal usage as well you can allow your property owner to enter and see/manage their property themselves.

Furthermore properties can be blocked for whatever reason, enquiries can be processed an converted into booking, payments registered (partial payments, deposits, etc.) for received payment as well as returning security deposits.

You can also manage the cleanings and maintenance work orders, whereas all the above actions roll into financial reporting for internal use as well as for sending to the property owner.

Businesses that would like to commercialise new construction projects, developments, promotions…now have the tools to do this using our Co-Broking module. This empowers companies who commercialise projects from their clients/promotors charging a fee for the service, as well as allows promotors themselves to commercialise their own projects through an international network of real estate agencies. Being the Master Agency of the commercialisation allows you to control the sales 100% whilst the co-broking agency (the network) to market it and bring clients to your doorstep. No longer do you need to subcontract a master marketing company as you will be the Master Agent yourself, neither do you need to invest in expensive custom-made software solutions but use Optima-CRM Co-Broking instead. Our clients sell properties through Co-Broking in Spain and Cyprus, through a network of international agencies specialised in their local markets spread over the entire world.

Commercial & Industrial Real Estate

A variety of types are treated under this category:

  • Highrises
  • Multi-family: buildings consisting of various properties
  • Packaged properties: two or more properties, possibly a combination of types,  are packaged for a combined sale

Here we classify and deal with specifics to sub types such as:

  • Hotels
  • Retail businesses
  • Premises
  • Commercial Centres (malls)

The very specific characteristics and classifications of industrial properties make that they need to be managed in its own ways:

  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Car washes
  • Storage units

Classifying land with all its details is a very specific matter. Here we deal both with:

  • Urban zoned land
  • Non-urbanisable zoned land

Real Estate Companies Managing
Their Business with Optima-CRM

OptimaSys is a Spain-headquartered company with a strong representation in the Spanish market, yet with installations in other European countries as well as in North and South America and Asia thanks to its multi-lingual solutions & support. We speak a language our customers understand.

Optima-CRM in Spain has strong representation in:

  • Costa del Sol (Sotogrande - Estepona - Marbella - Fuengirola - Mijas - Málaga - Rincón de la Victoria - Nerja)
  • Costa Blanca (Alicante - Valencia)
  • Costa Cálida (Murcia - Almería)
  • Costa Brava (Barcelona - Gerona)
  • Madrid
  • Baleares (Ibiza - Mallorca)
  • Canary Islands

We can also be in YOUR area! Ask us how...

Chat with us, we are online!
  • New construction projects (promotions) & their individual properties/units
  • Resales
  • Holiday rentals bookings + maintenance & cleanings management
  • Long term rentals management & contracts
  • Retail businesses
  • Hotels
  • Commercial centres / malls
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Car washes
  • Storage units
  • Highrises
  • Multi-family buildings
  • Packaged properties
  • Urban zoned
  • Non-urban zoned


Integrating with external services & systems makes Optima-CRM your central management system where you can find all the information to run your business from.


Built-in accelerators through automation of activities and processes enables you to not only be more productive by saving time, it also avoids you (or anyone in your team) ever again forgets to do anything.


Optima-CRM is the core of all your activities and we built a series of extensions where Optima-CRM stays the core yet with bolt-on functions so you can venture into new markets and expand your business footprint in various markets.

Fully Customisable

Your business is unique. Your online presence and the way you do business as well. Your Optima-CRM solution adapts to your needs through its heavily customisable character: make it yours!

Safety First

Your data is the most important asset of your company (besides your employees of course)...Optima-CRM protects it beyond what you can imagine. Furthermore do we keep track of all changes made by any user in your agency.

All About YOU

Optima-CRM is completely built around YOU. Processes and elements are defined together with you and your colleagues in your industry creating best-business-practices in Optima-CRM. We also apply technologies that make the solution easy to use for even the less technical users.


Here's what make us really unique

Examples of Unique Features & Functions

Integration: making it your All-In-One Solution
  • 100% email integration (IMAP): seamless synchronisation of your conventional email account in CRM, allows to send & receive from both CRM and your conventional email client while all emails appear in both at the same time. Never lose any email from a client and reply where it suits you...whether on-the-go or in your office.
  • Google & Outlook Calendar integration: bi-directional syncing of your appointments, tasks and viewings so you have your calendar always with you no matter on which device.
  • Auto-leads creation: never again miss a potential client with the auto-creation of leads in CRM for info requests coming from any connected website (main website(s) & landing pages) or any portal where you publish properties. No more copy/paste of received emails...we got you covered already!
  • Google Maps: various functions are integrated, whereas for example you can pinpoint the location of a property on a live map generating the Google Maps known address, and even when no address exists, any known element will be shown. Drawing on live maps can be done to search for properties, define the polygons in which your client seeks a property, and even this function can be extended to your website.
  • External property systems/networks: thanks to our open infrastructure you can auto-import properties from external systems, one-time or nightly. This enables you to consolidate properties from all sources into one central database where you can then fully manipulate all info of those properties, even if they’re not your own listings!
  • Mailchimp: manage your mailing lists in Mailchimp from within CRM so you can segment and automatically update them, one by one or entire selections at once.
  • Factiva Dow Jones: a true primeur integration with the world’s most complete database of people & companies and their actions (maintained in 68 languages). This subscription-based service serves to help you comply with the EU directive against money laundry.
  • Content Management System (CMS): our custom CMS within CRM allows you maintain ANY content in your integrated website, texts (in any language) and images. You can even maintain menus and create pages, blog postings etc.


Automation: save time and never forget anything
  • Property alerts: sends your clients (who opted in) automated emails whenever a property is added that fits their criteria. Emails are based on your own templates and in any language you decide.
  • Average prices: access average prices of any property type (and subtype) by city for Sales, long term rentals and short term (holiday) rentals. See values from listings in your agency as well as aggregated values from the entire Optima-CRM network. Auto-copy any selection into the recommended price of a property.
  • Event sequences/Workflow: this powerful tool allows you to generate a series of activities automatically and in an intelligent manner. Create as many variants as needed for a wide selection of events throughout CRM. Activities then generate reminders automatically. Never again forget a task or meeting!
  • Landing pages: choose from one of our templates and easily create your custom landing pages (mini-websites) for your campaigns like AdWords or Facebook. Obviously here you benefit from both the SEO integration and the auto-lead creations as well.
All about YOU: users are the centre of attention
  • Event sequences allow you to define custom automated creation of activities, greatly reducing manual work & ensuring no task is forgotten.
  • Customisable email notifications inform right persons inside your organisation as well as external parties of events that require their attention. These notifications are triggered by a series of events that in itself also can be customised.
  • Automated Property Alerts allow you to automatically inform your clients whenever a property becomes available that matches their profile.
  • Automated Owners feedback emails keep your property owners appraised of any feedback from potential clients on their properties through real-time online access reporting.


Safety First: we take Your Business serious too!
  • Audit trails: Optima-CRM tracks any change to data made by any user, whereas you can review who changed what, when, from where, and what were the previous values.
  • Authorisation levels: assigning roles to each of your users prevents from certain data being seen/updatable to users who shouldn’t access it. It also limits access to certain functions, and you can even customise agency settings to work in conjunction with roles.
  • Data archiving: important data is not deleted but archived whereas the Agency Admin only can permanently delete (or restore) any archived data. This also avoid history loss.
  • Data encryption: your data is safely stored by applying encryption so that no unauthorised access is limited to a minimum.
  • Data mirroring & backups: we mirror the live database in real-time to avoid data loss in an event of hardware failure. Additionally, we take 6 times a day a full database backup so we can restore data within an average 2 hours frame.
  • Failover system: load-balancing allows for better performance and whenever a hardware failure would take place, we can quickly switchover to another set of hardware so that the user experiences the least possible inconvenience.


Fully Customisable: a Solution that fits your needs
  • Fully customisable: not one business is the same, thus we allow you to apply your unique characteristics to our solution. Organise yourself how you want your agency to react in CRM: make it your own!
  • Private MLS networks: besides the agency multi-level sharing capabilities, you can create your own private networks: great for tight collaborations between Optima-CRM members & for franchising networks.
  • Multi-offices: segregate information between the various real or virtual offices, as well as for the Master Agency: another great tool for franchises as well.
  • Exclusions: Optima-CRM comes packed with preset data; exclude any data not relevant to you to reduce data for your users + add your own values to make it yours.

But wait...there's more!

Our growing repository of EXTENSIONS

Extensions: enabling you to beat your competition
  • Co-Broking Platform: become your own Master Agency and commercialise new construction projects through your own international specialised co-broking network.
  • For-Sale-By-Owner: YoVendo is our solution to become an ‘online agent’ and offer a new set of services to an untapped audience increasing your revenue dramatically!
  • For-Rent-By-Owner: Alquilo-Yo is a platform for the owner/landlord who wants more control over their rentals whilst enjoying the agencies' services.
  • Franchising: our Offices logic in combination with franchising functions allows you to setup and manage your own franchise network.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) - beta: MegaCall integration enabling your telemarketing team to work with your CRM database and update relevant information automatically during their calls.
    More information: Extensions