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Manage every aspect of your business and be in control at all times while growing your business.

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THE MOST COMPLETE Real Estate CRM Solution

Optima-CRM handles ALL types of properties:

  • New construction projects (promotions) & their individual properties/units
  • Resales
  • Holiday rentals bookings + maintenance & cleanings management
  • Long term rentals management & contracts
  • Retail businesses
  • Hotels
  • Commercial centres / malls
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Car washes
  • Storage units
  • Highrises
  • Multi-family buildings
  • Packaged properties
  • Urban zoned
  • Non-urban zoned

Commercialisation of Residential Properties & New Construction Projects

Sales & Resales of Residential Properties

Selling a resales property or a new construction property is more than changing its status to “sold”. It includes the elaborate sales process itself, whereas commissions between agencies (sharing commissions) need to be calculated and assigned, as well as those for the sales agent and the listing agent whenever applicable.

Furthermore since it’s a “process”, it means that there are several steps from the moment of accepting the purchase offer, through signing an agreement, downpayment of a % of the price, through doing inspections, obtaining a mortgage, paying potentially installments, and many more things, through the closing at the notary.

Following are the post-sales activities such as changing over the utilities, community fees invoicing, etc.

Long Term Rentals Contracts Management

Long term rentals are properties rented by month(s) as opposed to Holiday Rentals (week/day) whereas the management is easy and straightforward.

Pricing is done by month and with the long term rental contracts module you manage the contracts over the agreed period of the rental. It allows you to generate rental agreements defined via the Contract Generator, setup the specifics of the agreement (months paid in advance, security deposit, etc.). This translates in the payment scheduled integrated in the contract managements module. Here you can account for incoming payments and outstanding amounts.

Holiday Rentals Booking Module

Optima-CRM comes with a fully integrated bookings module where you manage the availability of short term rental properties, set pricing for as many pricing periods you need, calculate pricing across pricing periods, etc.

The booking module is for internal usage as well you can allow your property owner to enter and see/manage their property themselves.

Furthermore properties can be blocked for whatever reason, enquiries can be processed an converted into booking, payments registered (partial payments, deposits, etc.) for received payment as well as returning security deposits.

You can also manage the cleanings and maintenance work orders, whereas all the above actions roll into financial reporting for internal use as well as for sending to the property owner.

International New Construction Commercialisation: Co-Broking

Businesses that would like to commercialise new construction projects, developments, promotions…now have the tools to do this using our Co-Broking module. This empowers companies who commercialise projects from their clients/promotors charging a fee for the service, as well as allows promotors themselves to commercialise their own projects through an international network of real estate agencies. Being the Master Agency of the commercialisation allows you to control the sales 100% whilst the co-broking agency (the network) to market it and bring clients to your doorstep. No longer do you need to subcontract a master marketing company as you will be the Master Agent yourself, neither do you need to invest in expensive custom-made software solutions but use Optima-CRM Co-Broking instead. Our clients sell properties through Co-Broking in Spain and Cyprus, through a network of international agencies specialised in their local markets spread over the entire world.

Non-Residential Real Estate


A variety of types are treated under this category:

  • Highrises
  • Multi-family: buildings consisting of various properties
  • Packaged properties: two or more properties are packaged for a combined sale

Commercial Properties

Here we classify and deal with specifics to sub types such as:

  • Hotels
  • Retail businesses
  • Commercial Centres (malls)

Industrial Properties

The very specific characteristics and classifications of industrial properties make that they need to be managed in its own ways:

  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Car washes
  • Storage units


Classifying land with all its details is a very specific matter. Here we deal both with:

  • Urban zoned land
  • Non-urbanisable zoned land

Management of Properties & New Construction Projects

Search Engine for Properties & Projects

Managing a portfolio of properties ends being a nightmare. Searching properties & new construction projects, as well as crossing data with leads, manage visits, offers and sales processes, is a piece of cake with Optima-CRM. In Optima-CRM you can find properties fast in several ways and from within various functions and places. Direct searches using a large selection of search parameters, automated property proposals based on clients’ profiles, proximity searches based on the physical location through the native apps for iOS & Android, and many more ways.

Documents Management

Optima-CRM serves as a central documents storage and organisation system where all documents are stored safely and securely. Having documents stored with properties, such as the property deed, energy certificate, floor plans, and as many types as required, assures you to have all relevant documents at hand when needed. This is not only valid for properties but is true for documents of all the elements in CRM (e.g. clients, vendors, projects, companies, etc.). Now you can access any relevant document from whichever device you login and use them also in your communications with relevant parties through the built-in email system.

Media Storage

In Optima-CRM you can store all the media in original size needed for print, to use on your websites, landing pages, window cards, etc.

Since you store the original formats of the images, Optima-CRM does the rest automatically without the need to resize/downsize for web…this is handled by the system while safeguarding the original formats. You can even store and use 360 degree images for virtual tours and video links. No need to keep copies in other places!

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Collaboration & Integration Made Easy

Your Own Private MLS

Optima-CRM is a conventional Multi-Listing Service where you can decide to share with other agencies within our network, yet it’s much more! With our MLS you decide with whom you share what and whether it’s reciprocal or not. The result is that you control the process as to not commercially burn a property. Sharing can be bi-directional or one-way, can be for individual properties and for new construction projects, and you can define a multi-level structure to classify properties & projects as well as assign each agency you connect with. Finally you can setup your own MLS and connect with different companies, whether making use of the available network OR create your own private network.

Open Architecture: Import from Any System

Collaboration is key to any successful business nowadays….systems should be open to interact with others. Hence we built our solution as an open architecture to make you more successful. You can import many different elements and from even more different systems. Properties from other systems, leads lists, owners, projects, tasks, emails, leads from social media such as Facebook campaigns, leads from websites, leads from portals, etc.

Different formats we accept are XML, CSV and even XLS.

Export to Any System & in Any Format

Collaborating between systems goes both ways, whereas with Optima-CRM it’s super easy to export properties to portals or other websites in many formats. And we don’t have the format yet, the Exporter will generate the adequate format on the spot for you. You can then also automate this export process so you never have to worry about it being executed.

Furthermore you can export entire lists or subsets of lists based on your selections, of clients (accounts or owners) to use in external systems like Mailchimp for example.

Your Conventional Email 100% Integrated

A CRM system that can send emails is old news. We went quite a way farther than that with the complete email integration of your conventional email account.

This means that you can send, receive and reply emails with your clients from within CRM as well from within your conventional email system…whilst the emails and email replies are registered in both environments. Whichever system is more convenient for you to use will update the other system so you never miss any message!

Furthermore you can configure several elements such as folders. Emails related to Accounts or Owners will not only appear in your mailbox in CRM + conventional email system, they will also register automatically on the timeline and in the history of the respective Accounts or Owners.

Publish to Multiple Websites

Optima-CRM is the central management system in your business, which also includes feeding any website you have. You can control the content of more than one website so that the relevant content appears on each website.

We provide API’s to integrate your existing website, or you can opt to upgrade your website to the latest AngularJS technology where the integrated CMS solution in Optima-CRM allows you to manage all contents (page contents, blogs,…) besides properties as well. AngularJS give you many advantages over your competitors and the integrated CMS makes it very easy to manage all contents.

Auto-Import Portal & Website Leads

As part of the bi-directional connection between Optima-CRM on one hand, and your website(s) and property portals on the other hand, all enquiries that originate on these websites/portals automatically create Accounts in Optima-CRM. Herewith all the specifics of what they are looking for are registered for an easy follow-up and automated profile creation.

Such auto-created Accounts also generate entries on the Timeline and in the history of the record, as well as send automatically notifications to the agency so the Account can be assigned to an agent for fast follow-up.

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Clients Management (CRM – Customer Relationship Management)

Buyers & Renters

Managing your clients on the buyers/renters side is a process that you need to manage closely whilst having all the needed tools at your hand to quickly understand the client’s needs, the history of contact, find relevant properties. Once you have an Account created, you now can start pre-qualifying the client. This qualification process can be tailored to the needs of your business where you define the steps. Accounts can also be assigned to agents so they get access to the contact information these leads (and not the ones not assigned to them to protect your data). Crossing data allows to automatically display relevant properties according to the profile of the client. Properties can easily be emailed from within the client and you can manage in which they are interested, etc.

Assigning clients to your agents not only allows you to better manage the process and your team, it also safeguards you from data theft in case an agent were to intend to take your database elsewhere.

Manage your own clients and those of your team. Visually categorise them and follow up those you deem more important.

Capturing Properties: Owners Management

Equally important to selling/renting properties is obtaining the listings from vendors/owners. Similar to the process for buyers/renters, you can manage the process of acquiring listings through the capturing of owners who list their property with your company. Applied tools are available to manage and follow-up with these (potential) owner clients. The system also crosses data automatically, whereas for each property an owner lists, the corresponding relevant Accounts are instantly made visible. This makes the circle round as you now can present their properties immediately to the relevant buyers/renters.

Define with high precision where a client is looking for a property using the Map Drawing function:

Graphical Control Panels

Having all the info and tools in one screen, graphically presented, increases user productivity and user experience. Both for managing Accounts (buyers/renters) as well as Owners (vendors) an all-in-one control panel allows the agent to do his/her job without the need to navigate around. User roles make sure that each user gets to see the data they should see, without the risk of inappropriate use of information about clients the agent is not supposed to see. The smart colour-coding, the convenient popups and slide-ins, the fast search options, the complete history of every interaction with a client on the timeline, the drag and drop functions, etc. are just a few examples why our clients prefer our CRM over any other in the market.

With the visual Control Panels (Accounts & Owners) all history and interaction with your clients can be made without navigating screens:

Agent Assignments

Assigning clients to specific Agents in your organisation allows you to control the process flow, whilst protecting your sensitive data as you control who gets to access which data of clients.

Performance reports make it clear instantly who is performing best and worst, so you can steer your team better. There are performance reports for your sales staff as well as your telemarketing team members so you can give credit to whom deserved it.

Full integration of mail & calendar with each user in CRM make it a seamless process to communicate with individual clients while all conversations are recorded in both CRM as their conventional email systems.Calendar sync ensures no meetings or tasks are forgotten!

Follow all activities via the client’s Timeline and see all important elements via the History of each client. As a manager, you will be able to check upon all your staff’s interaction with clients.

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Full Personalisation: Make It Yours

Custom Categories & Groups

In a highly competitive market where many companies are commercialising the same or very similar products you need full flexibility to present your properties in a better way than your competition does. Optima-CRM delivers exactly that which allows you to catergorise properties with any logic you decide. Besides defining commercialisation areas and locations, grouped in ways your audience best understands them, you can also create custom categories as to display a property in one or more of these categories in your website(s). Having this advantage will increase visitors retention and eventually convert them more likely into actual clients.

Custom Fields by Design

Full flexibility…did we mention it before? We’ve thought about anything we and our clients can think of…so you’ll find fields for just about anything. Or do you? Well…we’ve got you covered: in all relevant places you’ll have the possibility to add your own fields and store info that we didn’t foresee. This way you ALWAYS can store ANYTHING and make our solution even more yours!

Templates: emails, contracts, notifications…

Optima-CRM provides you with a series of templates to use, or to adapt and make your own ones. This makes emailing your clients a breeze as often you send the same or very similar emails. Furthermore you can create email notifications made-to-your-measure and needs so you can inform people with the messages you design and in the languages you need. Via the Contract Generator you can also prepare contract templates where your employees can generate contracts and agreements in various places in the process, without running the risk of errors or clauses being altered. All these templates use “shortcodes” to fill in the relevant information depending on where in the system the contract is generated, resulting in fully personalised documents with the correct information. Time and time again!

Custom Notifications

Besides the custom templates you can define and use, you are in control to define in which scenarios what types of notifications are sent to the people who you believe need to receive them. You can set the timing of when they are sent, as well the repetition of sending a reminder at a set moment. Thanks to these notifications by email, even when the person is not using Optima-CRM or hasn’t logged in timely, he/she still will be alerted of the activities. Examples of activities are meetings, tasks, viewings, assignment of accounts to another user. Alerts can be sent to persons outside CRM too.

Safety & Legal Compliance

Audit Trails & History

Knowing what happens in your business is essential and yet is one of the biggest needs our clients have when first joining the Optima-CRM family. Our philosophy is clear and simple: we record all actions a user takes or the system performs so that after the facts you have a full trace and understanding of what and why things happened. Besides it being an informational source, it can also serve to detect malicious activities and serves as proof in such case. The History in the divers elements helps you understand transactional facts better.

Authorisation Roles

User roles exist to include a set of authorisations whereas each user has access to certain parts of the functions and/or data. Your major assets are in the information you have about your clients, which is why the authorisation roles protect them in a logical way. As an Agency Admin, you decide which user gets which user role and you can decide to change these at any time. There are a series of roles as there exist a series of types of users.

Legal Compliance

All companies need to adhere to a set of laws, whether local, national or even international. Optima-CRM gives you the tools to comply with several laws making your obligations a breeze. Examples of such tools:

  • Data protection law: generated documents can have your clauses written on them;
  • Holiday rentals: licenses have their place in the system;
  • “Know your client” due diligence: our integration with Factiva (Dow Jones) allows you to check backgrounds and document for audit purposes from within Optima-CRM;
  • Decrete 218 (Andalucía): information disclosure on every property you commercialise in Andalucía requires full disclosure…we provide the tools.
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Online Marketing


Measuring success online is vital to steer your marketing campaigns. You want to know more than just how many people visited a property on your website…you want to know also from where they visited the property. Yet it doesn’t end there…you want to know which types of properties are mostly sought for and also from which locations. This helps you with both your marketing efforts to capture specific property types in specific locations and with specific price ranges, to be able to market them in also specific areas in the world where your potential buyers are looking for them. With Optima-CRM you have all these types of information, and additionally we aggregate data from all of our clients together to give you an even better statistics pool. Next you’ll know where to put your money to have it really generate a generous ROI!

SEO & Sharing Content

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the organic positioning of your website & properties in the major search engines. The better you position more pages, the higher the organic traffic visiting your site, hence the greater the probability that a real client converts. Original content is crucial for successful SEO. Duplicating content online is a no-go as it generates penalisations from the search engines. Publishing properties on various websites must be done with totally different content (think about property portals, other wbesites sharing the same properties, etc.): Optima-CRM enables you to create original content for specific usage (your website, portals, sharing with other agencies…) to ensure maximum recognistion of your original content by the search engines.

Native App for iOS & Android

A large part of your business is handled on-the-go when the agents are out with clients for example. Since they interact with clients, owners, and other persons, it’s important that they register all information while being there. Optima-CRM offers the first and only native app for agents to list properties in real-time, update viewings and feedback of them in real-time, research alternatives & contact information, etc. from the convenience of their smartphone. Bye bye to having to remember all what happened during the day, and update after the facts back in the office! Now you can create properties while at the property, submit feedback on viewings that can then instantly and automatically send an email to the owner giving the owner a great feedback on his property. A well-informed owner tends to retain your services much longer and your marketing efforts pay off most probably.

Emailing Properties

Emailing from within Optima-CRM is as easy as using your conventional email system, yet with a series of advantages. You can email one or more properties to anyone (clients, other agencies,…) choosing out of more than 35 customisable window cards, in various languages and for different transactions (sale / holiday rental / long term rental), in separate PDF files or in one PDF combined, with or without your company’s branding (logo & contact info). Alternatively you can also send an HTML email from predefined templates whereas the properties show as thumbnails with a few words of explanation, including a link to the respective properties on your website. This way the deliverability of the email increases, you drive the receiver to your website (great for SEO), and even if the receiver isn’t interested in the ones you sent, they are on your website to explore what else you offer.

Intergrated Website CMS

When you opt to upgrade to the latest what technology can offer, we build your new website in AngularJS (the fastest websites are built with it), whereas we connect the site with the CMS (Content Management System) integrated in your CRM account. This way you not only have an edge on your competition for navigation & loading speed, it scores good points for SEO, and you conveniently manage all contents of properties, projects, pages and blogs from within one admin login! From a design perspective we can build literally any design. Contact us to see some examples of sites we recently built in AngularJS and integrated in Optima-CRM.

Landing Pages for Marketing Campaigns

Optima-CRM comes out-of-the-box with a series of SEO optimisable Landing pages made to use in Google Adwords or Facebook campaigns. These Landing Pages are easy to create from existing templates, and tailor to your needs and identity. They adapt automatically to any device, and contact forms directly create leads in your CRM. Now you have a professional tool at no additional cost and with more functions than the payable versions out in the market!


Real-Time Data Reporting

Optima-CRM is a source of all information of what happens in your company. Since we store any movement and activity, we also can produce the reports for your operational as well as statistical use. Real-time reports run to help you make day-to-day decisions, and the performance reports give you an overview and the details of each user in your company. We provide custom reports to our customers as we recognise that each company has slightly different needs. As part of the implementation project, we define your needs and produce the reports so you can access them whenever you need and deliver exactly what you need.

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Optima-CRM Data Flow Overview

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