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Optima-CRM usage works based on user licenses similar to any other software. There exist a diverse set of license types and quantities. Pricing is determined based on the user's requirements. Ask us during a demo!


Integrating any existing website with the rich Optima-CRM functions to maximally benefit from your solution is possible and we can either provide you with a technical guide, or do the integration for you. Let us review your site...


Benefit from our experience with over 500 successful websites built. We build 100% custom sites to your specifications, or start from any of our models to accelerate the process and reduce budget. Ask about our financing option.


Migrating data from your old system(s) into Optima-CRM is an essential part of the project. Data enrichment and massaging usually is part of the process. We provide mapping guides and format examples if you want to do this yourself, and provide the services to do it on your behalf. More information...


We provide professional managed website & email hosting on our own dedicated servers to guarantee the fastest & most reliable online service. This high-end service includes our team monitoring and intervening proactively whenever required, yet we offer this service at a very economic rate. Ask us!


Our digital marketing team provides On-site & Off-site SEO for Real Estate, organically positioning your website in the adequate languages of targeted countries. The team works closely with our technical teams to insure the fastest & best results in a diversity of search engines and countries. Request a consultation...



Accessing Optima-CRM requires a unique user license for audit trail purposes. There are a variety of license types, depending on usage. Your internal staff uses what we call "normal licenses". External people having specific accesses to your CRM (e.g. maintenance people, vendors, clients, portal users, etc.) are different types and have other price levels.

Pricing goes in scales, whereas the larger number of users result in lower cost per seat. There is already a user for only 75 € (or 98 USD) per month. 5 users are available for only 250 € (or 300 USD) per month. Ask about pricing for your team!

  • All modules & functions included (Holiday Rentals excluded for < 5 user contracts)
  • iOS & Android app included
  • Data conversion assistance included (for contracts of min. 5 users)
  • Training included
  • Support online & by phone included
  • With 5 or more users contracted, possibility to access the Business Suite extensions
Flexible and intuitive tools


Do you need advice on what's the best decision for you?

Our consultants provide a free assessment for your web project and apply our website calculator to give you a transparent view on the the options and components of your future website.

Websites are delivered in the shortest possible time, depending on its complexity and your capability to make timely decisions.

The statistics here show you on average how our clients tend to proceed:

Clients who take advantage to upgrade to a new website
Clients who choose a 100% new custom design from scratch
Clients where we also provide SEO services
Clients where we host their website

Kind words from our clients about our services & Optima-CRM solution.

Alexis Aparicio

Business Owner - Love Spain
Your CRM is up there with the big names like Salesforce, but then much better adapted for Real Estate...we're impressed!

Jonathan Rosales

Technical support Livingstone Estates
A reaction to our support: "Thank you, now looks great, also thanks for fix it on a Sunday. Awesome support!"

María Peral

Project Manager
Refreshing to work with a company and software who really fit our needs, adapts where we need, and delivers each time as promised. Being attended in our language is a plus too!

Neil Cockings

Owner - Keystyle Properties
12 months on from our registration to use the unique Customer Management System (CRM) provided by Optima-CRM which gives us full control of our Properties either for Sale or rental and allows us to successfully match our searching buyers to their desired requirements in a property Keystyle took the next step with Optima Team in building their new Website in the fastest coding available thus ensuring a greater user experience. Being a perfectionist for Detail and Functionality along side their developers they have surpassed our full design brief.

Janine Dove

Owner - Luxury Bargain Villas
Thanks for your rapid and professional way of implementing my new website and CRM. Whilst others would have taken months, you helped us to go live in one week. I'd happily recommend you to anyone who needs a quick and excellent service.

Maribel Gomez

Sales Manager
By far the most intuitive solution while being complete. So complete that we use so far only a part of it but expanding our business, surely other modules will become instrumental for us soon!

Mario Verbiest

General Manager
We're truly happy with the solutions OptimaSys provides us with and the support & attention we are given. In our business, being able to count on our partners is essential and we can genuinely recommend Optima-CRM and supporting services to any business taking themselves seriously.


Soho Living
We are a company in Madrid dedicating ourselves to the 360º view of services as is habitual in the USA and we have checked 4 CRM's before seeing Optima-CRM: none of the 4 is anywhere near the rich and complete functionality offered by Optima-CRM. If you are looking for a complete and innovative solution, do not hesitate any more!

Nicolas Strebel

Jet Villas
We are pleased to inform you that after evaluating several CRMs we have decided that OPTIMA-CRM we like a lot and that, together with another program, it's made the final selection. I want to say that an important factor in this decision is you as a person since you have conveyed us a very good impression and that you are a person involved with clients and with flexibility when it comes to finding opportunities for improvement.

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