It Never Was This Easy To Connect To That Many Real Estate Portals

Introducing the Optima-CRM Converter

The Optima-CRM Converter is an enduser tool that allows you to create an XML mapping with external systems in minutes. Any properties portal that accepts XML formatted feeds can be connected with your Optima-CRM account without the need of coding.

We have put the power of expanding your marketing online in your hands with our powerful XML data converter. Now you can expand your online properties distribution for promotion to as many as properties portals as you want to be part of, in whichever country and/or language.

But there is more…much more! The Optima-CRM Converter can export AND import virtually any data relevant to your CRM system.

For any other technologies, we already did most of the legwork for you as well:

Real Estate Portals
real estate agencies solution

Some of the portals we currently connect to:

CRM for real estate