Real Estate CRM for Documents Management

Your Optima-CRM System is a True Real Estate CRM that Stores ANY Document Relevant To Your Agency

Now you have a Real Estate CRM with ONE place to store ALL your documents and images, videos etc. Safely upload and store all your documents in one central place. At Optima-CRM we take the safety of your data very serious and do it in the most professional way possible:

Size Matters…Or Does It? Here’s Where Two Worlds Collide

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Since you upload and store the images in its original (large) format, you have these images available whenever you want to generate high quality prints. For example to generate high quality window cards, brochures or whichever need you have for using high definition images.

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Any usage of images in electronic format needs to be at a format adapted for web use, meaning in general a reduction of size and pixel density. Optima-CRM automatically makes a web version copy of any image you upload. You can choose between HD (for print) and SD (for web) whenever you generate a document or PDF. Emailing images/properties for example automatically uses SD.