High-End Websites Built in AngularJS or a Hybrid with PHP Fully Integrated in Optima-CRM:

Super Navigation Speeds & Great User Experience: Excellent Google Positioning + Visitor Rentention

AngularJS websites

High-end technology:  There’s simply no comparison to common technologies like WordPress in which these days many sites are built…just compare speeds and exceptional features where AngularJS beats WP big time! Combining it with other technologies (= hybrid) combines the best of both worlds for Google positioning and compatibility with older browsers, yet with no compromise in speed nor design.

What defines a great website? Design, ease-of-use, functions, speed of navigation, being found in search engines, up-to-date information, content that’s different from competitors, fully responsive for any device and operating system, etc. Anyone can create a good design and implement it in HTML on any technology…that’s not where the secret to success lays. Original content however that’s SEO-optimised, frequent updates, speed in navigation…those are the keys to winning online.

Content: you need a technology that allows the user to make updates easily and instantly, and add all the SEO elements required to compete online. Updates must be instant and preferably can be managed in one central locations (real-time property updates, blogs, page contents, translations, etc.).

Speed: the latest technologies like AngularJS 4 allow for virtually zero latency in navigating. This is not only excellent for Google ranking (it’s an important SEO parameter), it also provides an exceptionally positive user experience.

Hybrid technologies: combining AngurlarJS with pure PHP coding allows to hit all nails on the head, and not just for speed, but also in terms of indexability for Google ranking and compatibility with older web browsers so you leave nobody in the cold!

All-in-one solution: providing the integration of this innovative technology within the Optima-CRM solution achieves all of the above necesities to win online. The Optima-CRM built-in CMS (Content Management System) allows manage all contents of your website(s) in one central place, where updates are instant and easy.

Would you like to check out some of our websites?

Here are just two examples of the many we are building/have built:

Solo Marbella AngularJS

Co-broking portals built in AngularJS 4

Portals such as for Co-Broking are also built in AngularJS:

Co-broking platform in AngularJS

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Alternative way to acquire your Pro Website: Renting

High-end websites now available to everyone!

Realising that your online presence is fundamental in today’s economy, arming it with the best technologies is an investment that should be available to any serious business. Now it is! We understand that at times you would like to spread the cost of investing in the tools you need over time.

Smart businesses do this also for cars, mortgages etc…and now you can take advantage of our Pro Web Renting Solution! Without compromising on quality, we offer a full-service package that includes the design and creation of a professional website with the latest technologies, not from templates, including the dedicated and managed web hosting + website maintenance. You can even opt-in for our SEO services as surely you want your website to be found in Google.

How does it work and what do you get?

What you get is the same highend website with high level support service as when you decide to buy your Pro Website outright. Furthermore with the Pro Website Renting solution we include professional Managed Dedicated Website Hosting so that your top notch website runs and keeps running smoothly without depending on a 3rd party host that too often leaves clients in the cold when it comes to support. Small updates we include throughout the rental period without additional costs.

How it works is simple and convenient: a small startup payment is required, followed by low monthly installments during 24 months. At the end of the period, the site is fully yours and you can opt to either continue hosting it with us, or even roll into a new renting agreement where we rebuild your site as markets change so do designs and technologies.

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