Magical Times with OPTIMA-CRM

Optima-CRM is your smart choice that fits all your needs & is fully customisable.

A grand variety of functions are available to you...some examples:

  • Private MLS Networks: you can create your own private networks to share properties & promotions between agencies and discriminate between them to give you full flexibility in who commercialises which properties & promotions.
  • Fully customisable: decide how to mold our CRM to your company needs.
  • Virtual tours built-in: while others require an external subscription to create expensive virtual tours, Optima-CRM has it all built-in so you create as many tours as you want at zero cost and without the risk of an interface breaking!
  • Portals at 100%: we don't just export properties to portals, we connect bi-directionally to countless portals where leads are created automatically in CRM, no matter they come from portals, your website or landing pages.
  • Emails at 100%:  send & receive emails from CRM or your conventional email and never think again where they are...we sync them instantly to all the relevant clients in CRM so you can focus on your client instead of the email logistics.
  • Innovations: as market leader we already provide innovative solutions to trends like YoVendo (FSBO) & Co-Broking. Obviously we are 100% GDPR compliant!

But wait... there's so much more!new crm

Schedule your DEMO still in 2018 and be ready for the New Year!
Optima-CRM is so much more than the best CRM solution.

new crm

New Year, New CRM
End the year in style:
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