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 The most qualified CRM software for Real Estate
Optima-CRM is an easy-to-use and functions-rich solution that handles all your needs. Find out about some of its special features and key characteristics!


All Real Estate Types

  • Residential properties: New construction projects, resales, holiday rental bookings & long term rental management.
  • Commercial properties: Retail businesses, hotels, & commercial centres.
  • Industrial properties: Warehouses, offices, car washes, storage units
  • Buildings: Highrise, multi-family buildings & packaged properties.
  • Land: Urban zoned, non-urban zoned.

Management of Properties

  • Create an unlimited amount of properties, photos & documents
  • One property record can at the same time be for sale and for rent
  • Creation of virtual tours in CRM
  • Management of all SEO elements in whichever language
  • Management of real and alternative latitudes/longitudes in maps
  • Sales, resales, long term and holiday rental bookings, maintenance, cleanings...


 There's an app for that
Put the most needed functions in your pocket with the Optima-CRM app!

  • Consult data of clients and owners
  • Update viewings in real-time
  • Manage tasks and meetings on the user's calendar
  • Creation of properties in real-time from the smartphone, including images
  • Optimised for both iOS and Android


But wait, there is more!
Find out about the latest trends in real estate and how the most qualified CRM Optima-CRM can help you
to them in the right way.

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