Why Innovative Real Estate Businesses Choose Optima-CRM for Real Estate

A series of real estate agencies have preceded you in their conquest of the new economy with the aid of Optima-CRM  for various reasons:

They either wanted an innovative all-in-one intelligent way of managing the domains they are active in: Resales homes, New Construction homes, Rental houses, Land/plots for investors, Industrial properties or a complete booking solution for Holiday rentals.

A landing page builder with SEO fully integrated to support their AdWords campaigns.

A way of automatically exporting to every portal and importing from any property system (Infocasa, Resales Online, Idealista, Inmobalia, Habitania,…).

The option to manage the internal activities of their agencies; calendar, tasks and meetings, manage and assign leads, manage offers and the entire sales process.

The Ability to organise their viewings/tours in an easy way while tracking history of each viewing in your CRM.

Or ALL of the above!

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