Real Estate CRM – Functions & Features

Summary of functions (for details see below or simply contact us!)

  • Application for iPhone & Android: management of the tasks for the agents on-the-go (upload properties, update viewings, look up information, etc.)
  • 100% synchronisation of emails: regardless of your email system, you can integrate it with CRM to send/receive emails from within CRM or your usual email application and it will appear in CRM too…total flexibility!
  • Owners management: visual and powerful control panel to manage the owners (in grid format)
  • 360 photos: upload and use 360 degree photos for use on your website
  • Co-broking: you can market (nationally and internationally) new construction projects you have in exclusivity and manage the agencies marketing your project(s)
  • Questionnaires: define the questions to be answered with each viewing of a property (with the option of automatically sending an email to the owner with the answers)
  • Contract generator: define and generate contracts and agreements in various functions throughout the CRM
  • Define the rules and messages for the automated notifications: total flexibility to define for which events what types of notifications are sent and with what contents
  • Clients & leads management: visual and powerful control panel to manage customers (grid format)
  • CMS: manage your web page (s) directly from the integrated CMS in the CRM. Websites made in the fastest technology with AngularJS
  • Management of new construction projects: manage all aspects of marketing (phases, price lists, etc.)
  • Management of residential properties: sales and resales, long term rentals and holiday rentals
  • Management of land: all details of urban land
  • Booking system for holiday rentals: integral management of rentals and work orders, cleanings, financial reports…
  • Dynamically created and updatable window cards for sales & rentals in many languages: 35+ ready-to-use templates available
  • Integration of Dow Jones Factiva: due diligence with one of the most complete tools in the world
  • Compliance with Decrete 218 (Andalucía)
  • Creation of landing pages: easily create landing web pages for your Adwords campaigns
  • Management of users: protect your data with authorisation roles
  • Tools to import: import clients, owners, tasks, history, properties, etc.
  • Tools to export: easily export the required information to any destination in various formats
  • Management of duplications: identification of duplicated properties (by import from other sources)
  • Connection with any property system: other MLS, any portal, etc.
  • Bi-directional connection with any property portal: automatic upload to portals + automated import of incoming leads & requests
  • Save high quality originally sized images: no need to reduce sizes (up to 80MB per file)
  • SEO integration for properties & projects: all necessary tools to position each property & project
  • Management of viewings with clients to properties, including all management of legal documents
  • Management of offers/counter-offers of buying/selling: documents generation, emailing & contracts
  • management of the sales process: management of commissions and sales stages integrated in the calendar & with notifications
  • Share properties and projects through the internal MLS: share using an innovative multi-level logic to control the marketing of properties
  • Integration of Google Calendars and Office 365 (Outlook): bi-directional real-time synchronisation
  • Management of the holidays of the users: management of notifications during user absence
  • Live support with the technical team in writing and by telephone in English & Spanish
  • Complete audit trails: all actions are recorded to better understand and manage the business

Real Estate CRM requires many different functions to make your organisation work the way it should. Below are just some of the main functions provided by Optima-CRM.

Legal Compliance: Dow Jones

  • Comply with legal requirements easily
  • Dow Jones’ Factiva is conveniently integrated in Optima-CRM
  • The only Real Estate CRM system integrated with Factiva

Mobile Listing in Real-Time

  • Ideal for agents needing property information on-the-go
  • List properties in real-time and publish in front of the owner
  • No need for administrative support uploading the property

Advanced User Experience

  • English & Spanish Interface
  • More languages to follow
  • User-friendly functions such as “drag & drop”
  • Authorisation roles for Managers, Agents, etc.

Manage Your Agency

  • Manage Tasks & Meetings
  • Calendar integration via Google Calendar & connect with Outlook, smartphones…
  • Book viewings, assign to agents & track results
  • Generate itineraries for viewings with property details & sign-off sheets
  • Manage companies & contacts, property owners & clients
  • Go beyond the usual MLS sharing possibilities with multi-level sharing
  • Define levels of sharing compatible with your real-life relationships with other agencies
  • Access other agencies’ properties & fully update any detail, SEO optimise them, change and add photos, etc.
  • Access the Market Place to find properties & buyers, and any other relevant information from & to other agencies
  • Audit trails of all activities in the system
  • Know what your staff changes & when 
  • See which automated property updates happened
  • Find aids to help you comply with regulations and legal obligations
  • Full SEO capabilities to publish unique properties & content
  • Define META titles, descriptions & keywords
  • Optimise each photo of any property or new construction project
  • Preview how your property will be seen in Google
  • Optimise your own properties & projects as well as those of other agencies
  • Every SEO element can be maintained in ANY language you decide

Easy Website Integration

  • Connects with your website using the fastest technology to display properties
  • Search on ANY field or characteristic of properties and new construction projects
  • WordPress-ready with custom plugins
  • You can alternatively choose one of our pre-made WordPress sites if you elect to replace your website
  • Manage & promote urbanisation, new construction projects completely
  • Invite specialty agencies worldwide to commercialise your projects
  • Distribute individually branded marketing material amongst your network of agencies
  • SEO optimise new construction projects to promote by itself
  • Attach units/properties to your projects
  • Define & control the project release phases, pricing & availability
  • Generate price lists in real-time for up-to-the minute accurate lists

Leads Management

  • Enquiries from your website create Accounts in your CRM with a full history + know the origin of the enquiry (IP address)
  • Upload your leads lists and auto-create Accounts as Leads
  • Assign to agents & follow-up
  • Mass update functions
  • Qualify & convert into prospects
  • Create actual viewings & print the legal viewing itinerary document
  • Integrates with calendars, properties & clients records
  • Flexible viewing document creation and agent assignment 
  • Viewing document to serve as proof of client ownership

Sales Management

  • Easily create sales & sales steps based on provided templates
  • Manage all steps, schedule steps events, notify involved parties, comment, etc.
  • Assign to lawyers & notaries & follow-up
  • Commissions management for split commissions, VAT, net results, and cashflow calculations with predictions and closing probabilities
  • Special section in properties to deal with all specific data on short-term rentals
  • Booking management which can be integrated in websites
  • Promotions management for last minute vacancies
  • Online payments management
  • Third party authorisation roles & access to maintain data in real-time
  • Financial management: calculate what to pay to owners, maintenance companies, etc.
  • Automatically import properties from other property systems
  • Export to ANY property portal using XML you have an account with 
  • Export & backup your own data
  • Convert your data and easily import into your own account
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