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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a software solution that manages all interactions between a company and its customers in a single database where the company's users access the central tool with their personal user ID which defines their authorisation role.

Managing all data about customers, providers, products, services, and any related transaction in one place allows to better understand the needs of clients and anticipate them. All data about contacts, products & services, and their transactions being stored in one central place, allows for the users of CRM to access the data and anticipate the next steps understanding the history of each element.

Nowadays CRM has become a very wide concept whereas it goes beyond the management of customers and the interactions with the same, it also handles the internal management of the company, their web presence and all needs for digital marketing: one solution that does it all.

Thanks to a good CRM that's made for Real Estate from the ground up, you can control all actions carried out on clients or potential customers, manage portals and websites, internal staff, and control commercial actions leading to a better focus and follow-up, resulting in a tight commercialisation cycle which is guided and documented.

Companies that use CRM solutions generate more sales opportunities, streamline management, with updated budgets in real time and optimised best business sales processes. Therefore companies that use CRM can make better targeted segmentations, and benefit from the information for a potential customer service and after-sales service.

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The need for verticalisation of CRM solutions is key to the practical use and success of a real estate business since the way clients, collaborators, products and services are dealt with in this vertical is very particular.

More than in many other verticals, real estate is a volatile market in many places worldwide, with extremely high competition in a great deal of those markets, and often saturated with real estate agencies that are after the same clients and representing the same products. The need for distinguishing the services and products for a real estate business are the key to obtaining the clients for whom it's a maze to find the right partner in the market of their interest, especially since often that's far away from where they reside.

With the internet being a blessing  to do in depth research of a future purchase or rental, it's at the same time a curse for both clients and real estate businesses alike as supply is plenty whereas often it's very hard to distinguish pros from amateurs, as to whom contact for the identical property in offer.

Communicating properly the real estate business' identity, services levels and products can be a challenge when not possessing the tools to effectively reach their target markets. Therefore real estate CRM must go beyond the conventional functions and extend to integrating with various websites and property portals. Such integrations need to go beyond the automatic exportation of properties whereas a bi-directional connection enables the auto-importation & creation of potential clients or leads.

Real estate is also a very broad term covering many property types (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) and transaction types (resales, sales of new constructions, commercialisation of projects, residential long term rentals as well as holiday rentals requiring an integrated booking system, management of cleanings & maintenance, commercial leases, etc.).

Furthermore the real estate industry is in constant and rapid evolution catching up with the backlog on other industries, especially in the technology and automation areas. Making the right choice for the CRM solution & business partner greatly impacts the future growth & development of the real estate business itself. New trends and changes in markets must be flexibility dealt with in the CRM solution and its support structure.

OptimaSys greatly addresses all these elements (and many more) through its innovative Optima-CRM solution for real estate agencies & promotors. Besides its far advanced technologies used, broad basis of real estate types & transaction types, it offers an all-in-one solution covering all possible technology & digital marketing needs. Besides the CRM solution, businesses count on OptimaSys for all their websites, email, and digital marketing needs such as SEO, SEM and social media management.

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Here are merely 10 reasons or examples as to WHY you need an innovative CRM solution. Ask yourself:

  1. Does my business consist of at least 2 persons? If yes, you need to make data available in a central manner whereas CRM is likely the right answer.
  2. Do I want to be able to compete with the many competitors my target clients can find online? If yes, you need a CRM that handles your online presence better than most of your competitors do.
  3. Does my company commercialise more than 25 properties, whether own listings or from other agencies? Quantity is almost irrelevant as from a small number of properties you'll need to manage them centrally.
  4. Do I import properties from colleagues or portals into my commercialisation portfolio? If so you need a CRM system that allows for such automated importations to centrally store all properties to commercialise as all are your own listings to the outside world.
  5. Do I publish properties to my website & other webs like property portals? Being able to automatically publish your properties not only in your own website, but also in the many portals available, you need your main management tool to do this by itself + pull in leads from website & portals automatically (no emails copy/paste operations).
  6. Do I typically close on a sale in the first contact or is it a longer process? 99% of all sales are the result of often an extended process that can take months and even years in some cases. Managing and staying on top of all details for the many potential clients you deal with require an intelligent real estate CRM solution.
  7. Is capturing new listings important for me? Unless you commercialise strictly other agencies properties for a fraction of the commission, capturing properties is essential and you need a smart CRM solution that handles this part of your business too. New technologies are available to outsmart your competitors as applied in Optima-CRM.
  8. Do I need relevant information available wherever I am? A central database of information must be accessible from any place, any device at any time. Having access by PC, tablet and smartphone must be a smooth experience and provide the relevant information and accesses. With optima-CRM for example you can list new properties straight from the iOS/Android app on your smartphone, saving you lots of time, paperwork and potential also from errors/forgetting.
  9. Do I need to save time for the more important things? Automation of activities is essential as to save time and to make sure nothing gets forgotten. With Optima-CRM's Event Sequences you pretty much guarantee that you nor your staff ever again 'forgets' a step in the process resulting in the loss of a client.
  10. Do I need to manage sales, rentals & holiday rentals? An all-in-one CRM solution that allows you to manage every step of a sale, rental contracts & payments, as well as bookings for short term rentals and the associated management of cleanings and maintenance, is needed.

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Optima-CRM is a specialised solution for real estate commercialisation companies of all sorts, operating in any market, dealing with any type of transactions and properties.

The solution was built up from the ground based on the needs in the market and the lack of holistic solutions available; Optima-CRM is the result of literally many thousands of hours development and working with our clients to deliver a state-of-the-art solution addressing true & practical needs of real estate businesses. It's also the one solution that's the most in constant evolution, to adapt to new real estate trends and markets. With a solution that never stagnates, the all-in-one solution covers most likely every need you may have.

Optima-CRM solution is much more than a Customer Relationship Management solution that efficiently manages your clients, both owners and buyers/renters, whereas it also deals with all other aspects of digital marketing, websites, portal integrations, email and calendar integrations.

These are some main characteristics of Optima-CRM:


specialised in real estate, basically what we have done is create a CRM-MLS based on digital marketing (SEO, connections with any portal) and with integration to a Dow Jones platform (Factiva - base of financial data to investigate clients' backgrounds).

  • Open infrastructure: Import from any source (property feeds of any sort, clients, owners, companies, history, etc.) + export to any system (same elements).
  • Heavily personalisable: Customise your agency to your needs, hiding/showing modules, limiting contents, and adding/hiding values.
  • Made for Residential and Non-Residential: Handle residential as commercial & industrial properties.
  • Transaction types: New construction sales, resales, transfers, long term rentals, and holiday rentals booking system.
  • SEO tools: Access all required tools to position all pages of your websites, also including properties & images.
  • Collaboration: Create your own private multi-level MLS, ideal to collaborate between a group of comapnies, or even for franchising reasons.
  • Marketing campaigns: Create landing pages for all your marketing campaigns based on several great templates we deliver for free and that are fully customisable.
  • Useful integrations: Benefit from full synchronisation of emails so you can send/receive/reply from either CRM or your conventional email system, as well as calendars like Google & Outlook. Mailchimp integration saves you time, Factiva (Dow Jones) integration allows you to record searches within your Factiva account straight into CRM, Facebook Premium allows to create leads in real time when they are created, etc.
  • Unlimited portals: Export to as many portals as you decide, whereas besides automatically feeding these portals (given they allow for this), we connect bidirectionally by importing leads automatically. Currently we connect to over 40 portals worldwide, adding new ones constantly with our built-in XML generator.
  • Integrated CMS manager: Manage all contents of as many websites you decide from one central place in CRM. Besides the typical management of properties & searches, you can now also manage all other contents like SEO, non-property related pages, contact forms, translations, etc.
  • Native iOS / Android app: The native app allows to access the relevant data on-the-go, to consult data as well as update your viewings, and even list new properties from your smartphone in real time into CRM.
  • Franchises: Build your own Franchise Network with the tools specialised into this area within CRM. Manage all franchisees from the Master Franchisor. This works both for existing franchises as companies who want to build up their franchising network.
  • Extensions: extensions allow to venture into new markets setting trends in your market via Co-Brokerage (network based marketing & selling where you control the network) and YoVendo (online agent for seller that need to market their property but want to see as For Sale By Owner). All tools are included!
  • New technologies: Being newer in the market than the majority of CRM software has allowed us to create our solutions in newer technologies allowing a much better user experience, access to tools not available in older technologies, and time-saving features.

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Optima-CRM is made to measure for all types of real estate commercialisation companies, and scales to (very) small, midsize and large organisations:

  • Real estate agencies
  • Real estate franchises
  • Real estate promotors
  • Real estate commercialisation companies promoting new developments in exclusivity for own account or third parties

Unlike other generic CRM systems who have made adaptations to the real estate sector, Optima-CRM is built from the ground up with and for real estate businesses.

To define whether Optima-CRM is for you, you need to fall in one of the 4 categories above, at least be a company of minimum 2 persons (no maximum is relevant), realise the need to better organise both internally as online, and wanting to beat your competition both online as offline.

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Optima-CRM is made to be your central management solution that allows you to manage all aspects of your business centrally. Being a practical solution, it allows you to better organise virtually all aspects of your day-to-day activities, both in the planning as the execution thereof.

Optima-CRM includes amongst many others these functions that will make your daily business functions faster and more efficient:

- CRM functions developed specifically for real estate: lead management, customers, owners, companies... Are all integrated with the properties database of the agency. Crossing data in real-time is standard so you instantly and at all times know which properties are relevant to a client, and which clients are relevant to any given property.

- Management of internal and external teams: management of centralised calendars that are syncing with external ones like Google & Outlook Calendar, lead assignment, contact management, access by third parties, etc.

- The essential processes of an agency for the sale and rental of properties: management of purchase offers & counteroffers and the sale itself (all steps through notary & post-sales), bi-directionally export to portals (virtually any), importation of properties from any property system, verification of customers with your account at Dow Jones Factiva database, send emails from the CRM (with properties, etc.), etc.

- An innovative MLS: connect and share between agencies with a multi-level logic where you discriminate who gets to see what much better than any other MLS, in one direction or in both. Set a private MLS networks is easy!

- SEO: all elements of SEO are available for properties and projects, own and those shared by other agencies, in all chosen languages. In addition when you manage all contents of your website(s) via the built-in CRM, you manage all SEO elements for EVERY single page in any language too.

- CMS (Content Management System): it is possible to manage your website(s) connected to the CRM, straight from the CRM control panel. An unlimited number of web pages can be connected to your CRM account.

- Projects and properties: apart from individual properties, you can manage entire projects (banking, new construction, ...) and their specific characteristics, price lists, phasing with specific commission levels for each phase etc.

- Uploading files: you don't need to reduce the sizes of images you upload, nor upload images watermarks as CRM handles all of this. It renders the images automatically in the right sizes that you need depending on where they are published.

-  Vacation rentals: apart from long term rentals you can manage the details of short term or holiday rentals. An integrated booking module allows to manage reservations, as well as maintenance and cleanings. Online reservations/bookings are madepossible, and there is even the possibility for third party access to the CRM (e.g. for cleaners).

-  Native mobile application (iOS and Android): an App made for agents on-the-go provides easy access to consult information, update activities & viewings with clients, upload properties directly from the smartphone saving lots of time and avoid mistakes, etc.

- Landing Pages: you can create Landing page for marketing campaigns all integrated into the solution with several templates that can be fully managed for content.

- Technologies: the latest JavaScript (AngularJS), Yii, NodeJS, and MongoDB technologies are used for speed & user-friendliness,  and we have integrated authorisation roles to protect the essential data of your agency.

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Various scenarios exist depending on whether you're an existing or new real estate business, and whether you have a website and/or data (properties, contacts, history, etc.). These are the typical components of a CRM project:

Data migration

Any pre-existing data that you need to carry over into your new CRM system needs to be prepared and often improved, prior to the importation into CRM. These are the 3 steps to observe:

  1. Export data of properties, clients, owners, companies, and history to formats such as XML, XLS, CSV.
  2. Enrich and streamline data locally to avoid that your CRM starts off with bad or incorrect data.
  3. Import data into your CRM using available tools and mapping.


Website: alternatives

  1. Keep your current website and integrate it with CRM for property searches/display of results & details, as well as integrate contact forms to allow for auto-creation of leads.
  2. Keep the design (HTML) of your current site but replace its engine to benefit from the newer technologies & its native integration into the Optima-CRM CMS (Content Management System) and maintain all contents of the site from one central location.
  3. Create a new website from a custom design or based on one of the models available, benefiting from a new site that's natively integrated into Optima-CRM and its CMS.



Every new system requires you to learn how to best benefit from its features to increase and speed-up its acceptation in your user’s community. You get trained on how to configure and personalize Optima-CRM to fit your company best + separately how to best use the solution.

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Accessing Optima-CRM requires a unique user license for each user for audit trail purposes. There are a variety of license types, depending on usage. Your internal staff uses what we call "normal licenses". External people having specific accesses to your CRM (e.g. maintenance people, vendors, clients, portal users, etc.) are different types and have other price levels.

Pricing goes in scales, whereas the larger number of users result in lower cost per seat. A single user costs only 75€ (approx. $98) per month (limited functions/modules and data conversion assistance) and 5 normal users are already available from only 250€ (approx. $300) per month (without limited functions/modules and data conversion assistance). We can quote your licenses structure once we know how you will use CRM and which types + the quantity of users you need. Consult us for more details.

Licenses include:

All modules & functions - you do not pay for new modules (extensions licenses may incur additional costs)

iOS & Android app for every user

Assistance in the data conversion from the old system to Optima-CRM

Support online & by phone


Special licenses exist besides those of Optima-CRM, for extensions such as YoVendo, Alquilo-Yo. Co-Broking, the Holiday Rentals App,... Such special licenses require a minimum of a block of 5 Optima-CRM users contracted.

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No - Optima-CRM is a cloud-based solution that you can access from any device in the world via an internet connection. No need to install any software or be device-dependent.

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