For Sale By Owner... For Agencies!

YoVendo Solution: your low-risk/low-cost white-labeled solution to compete with companies such as Housfy & Housell

A New Innovative Solution 100% integrated with Optima-CRM

Get Fast Access to the +40% "forgotten" market segment with marketing services to property vendors who never want to be represented by a traditional estate agency for a commission paid upon success.

 A Win-Win solution for Private Vendors and Agents


For Sale By Owner without any exclusivity that saves the vendor the high representation commission while taking advantage of the powerful established marketing vehicles by the agencies, accelerating the sale of their property for only a small marketing fee.


Charge a fixed amount upfront for marketing the property through their existing marketing vehicles, without depending on a successful transaction. YoVendo is a platform, extension of Optima-CRM, without having to pay for a custom platform nor worry about maintenance costs, yet benefit from the continued improvements we make to our solutions!

YoVendo Solution: For Sale By Owner

YoVendo Solution: For Sale By Owner

Some of the advantages of YoVendo Solution


  • No commission - no exclusivity.
  • Maximum exposure of property.
  • Choices of packages & services.
  • Easy payment by card or bank transfer.
  • Self-manage property details: upload property & photo.
  • Interact with end-buyer directly.
  • Complete transparency and real-time statistics.
  • Get assistance from the agency through available services.
  • Possibility to switch to representation at any time.


  • Personalisation: fully branded in the company name & colours
  • Contract vendors not willing to pay commissions
  • Charge for marketing services via same vehicles already used for the rest of the business
  • Up-sell services
  • Fully automated process: limited need for staff
  • #1 card charging "Stripe" fully integrated
  • Be paid at start & not depend on the outcome of the transaction

YoVendo Solution: For Sale by Owner

YoVendo Solution: For Sale by Owner