We proudly announce to you our native solution in Optima-CRM to create as many Virtual Tours as you wish and this for both Properties and New Construction Projects!


Now you can build Professionally looking Virtual Tours straight from within your CRM account. No need to pay a third party software or service!


* At least 1 Property or Project with at least 1 image in 360º format
* That image/those images need to be set to 360º in the Property Attachments tab/Web Images subtab


1. Create a Virtual Tour from the Tools / Virtual Tours menu on the left
2. Name the Virtual Tour and select a Property or Project
3. Create 1 or more Scenes (one 360º image per Scene)
4. Add Hot Spots on each Scene if and when/where you need them
5. To navigate through Scenes, you need to select the Scenes to navigate to when clicked, inside the Hot Spot settings


Screenshots - GO TO FAQ's (in FAQ's go to: Properties Management) for clearer images:

Menu to go to Virtual Tours:

programa de gestion inmobiliaria 


Setting up the Virtual Tours & Scenes:

programa de gestion inmobiliaria


Hot Spots:

programa de gestion inmobiliaria


Previewing your Virtual Tour (can be also done in the creation/update view of Virtual Tours) - from within the Property (click the Green Button):

programa de gestion inmobiliaria