real estate trends 2019

During the Inmo Expo on February 23th in Benidorm organised by Inmoco, OptimaSys CEO Geert Rillaerts spoke during the keynote speech about the newest trends in Real Estate commercialisation for 2019 using new technologies, enabling companies to benefit from new ways to increase revenues and diversify in related areas whereas before it was impossible to do.

Four main areas were discussed and explained how traditional agencies need to adopt new technologies if they want to advance and survive in tomorrow's markets. Surprisingly so, it has become easier to diversify and specialise, thanks to these new technologies and software made available to all types of real estate companies and sizes. These four areas were:

1. Exclusivity Listings are gaining more importance and vendors of Spanish properties start to warm up for it, especially with agencies who can show their added value and focus in commercialising gains the vendor's trust. Historically this has always been a very tricky thing, yet now finally Spain starts to follow the rest of Europe...find out why and how in the resumé of our CEO's keynnote speech here in this PDF write-up.

2. For Sale By Owner for Agencies is the new trend of 2019 where traditional Real Estate agencies transform themselves in true service providers while tapping into the most neglected part of the Real Estate commercialisation segment that counts for no less than 40% of the total revenue potential. Read how OptimaSys has put the power in the hands of several progressive agencies and learn how also your future can turn super bright in the PDF write-up of the conference.

3. Innovation in Holiday Rentals with technology not only making agencies' live easier but the new technologies also create tenants loyalty and create powerful data on them, increasing productivity, reducing work and boosting revenues. See how also your holiday rentals business can benefit big time from these innovations in our CEO write-up from his speech in Benidorm.

4. International Commercialisation of New Construction Projects (Promotions) now in the hands of the promotor or the promoting Real Estate company, reducing commercialisation costs up to 6%. Read about this innovative way that is being applied by various successful businesses in the downloadable PDF now.

These are only the top of the iceberg of all the innovations in the markets today which OptimaSys has been and keeps addressing to put the power in your hands so you can win from your competition. The future is bright for businesses who are willing to transform and evolve thanks to technologies becoming available. Find out also how your business can thrive simply by participating in a personalised demo where you get your hands on our solutions and all your questions are answered!