Optima-CRM is in the Top 10 CRM solutions worldwide in 2018
selected by MIRRORREVIEW




Optima-CRM has been chosen one of the best CRM solutions in the world in 2018 by MirrorReview, an important magazine of innovative technologies.
Our CEO and Founder Geert Rillaerts found the greatest joy and challenge of his career in establishing OptimaSys Group Spain SL. OptimaSys was created with the ‘all-in-one solutions’ philosophy, catering to the needs of a specialized real estate commercialization industry.

Optima-CRM is the most complete and Easy-To-Use CRM solution for Real Estate. It has all the elements that keeps your businesses and teams in control. It saves the users much time and be more productive with its automated activities creation, bidirectional connections with portals and MUCH MORE.

Optima-CRM offers your company so much more. Here are some examples of great characteristics:
Open infrastructure: import properties from any system.
Safety first: every update is recorded in the audit trail, authorisation roles protect data & functions, etc.
Fully customisable: molds fully to your company and users.
Visual Clients & Owner Management: graphical control panels with all the interactions managed from one screen.
Automation: event sequences allow users to define custom automated creation of activities, email notifications, parties or events organization, property alerts, automated owner feedback emails.

Following major factors make OptimaSys Group stand out from its competitors: newer solution applying the latest technologies, broader base, all-in-one approach, Personal touch with multi-lingual support.

Stating client's opinions on the future reforms in the tech driven, CRM industry, the Founder & CEO of OptimaSys Group says, “Integrating technologies to achieve complete solutions will be a must in the coming years. Additionally, all softwares should focus on its open infrastructure, allowing the necessary in & out points to seamlessly communicate with all types of software solutions including the competitors. Making CRM solutions even more agile will benefit the user who has a central solution that ties into excellent third party extensions. Any process should always be defined and created together with the user community, which we noticed is not yet the case for many software companies. It’s not about the technology so much, it is and will always be about the processes.”


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