After YoVendo... Alquilo-Yo is the next!

For Rent by Owner for Agencies

Benefit from the newest technologies with the brand new innovative extension of Optima-CRM without investing in an expensive platform!

With the Optima-CRM Business Suite we like to be two steps ahead on the newest trends. This allows us to offer you the newest and most innovative tools; like our new For-Rent-By-Owner Platform Alquilo-Yo.

Rent by Owner: Alquilo-YO

Expand your reach into the For Rent By Owner market with our new innovative extension called Alquilo-Yo! Besides offering a solution to property owners who do not want to be represented for a commission by an agency, you can even offer a DIY service to those who do want to benefit from your services.

Rent by Owner: Alquilo-YO

 Some of it features...

100% integrated & branded with your agency logo & colours

Alquilo-Yo is especially created to give YOUR company a boost. Therefore, the extension will also be completely adapted and branded in your company's brand!

Fully responsive

Property owners can easily access your platform from any device, in their language. No need for an APP!

Stripe payments integrated

Accepting payments has never been easier with the integration of Stripe, world's #1 credit card processing solution! Accelerating payment processing & enabling you to configure your products and charge your services to your clients easily.

A Win-Win for Private Owners and Agents

Owners/Landlords can gain full control over their property rentals and related maintenance, choosing which services to contract 'a la carte' integrated in the all-new renters platform Alquilo-Yo.

Agencies now have access to a premium service to property owners and can reach a much broader audience of owners, positioning all sorts of services. Alquilo-Yo is a platform that works as extension of Optima-CRM where you do not have to pay for a custom platform nor worry about maintenance costs yet benefit from the continued improvements we make to our solutions!

Rent by Owner: Alquilo-YO

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