EMAIL integration

Conventional Business E-mail integrated in your CRM software is a must to have if you are active in the Real Estate Market.

Thanks to Optima-CRM software you are not only able to close deals FAST, but you also can keep exchanging messages with leads and customers without having to switch between several applications. No matter whether you email from within CRM or your traditional email system, all is synced up at all times! No more missing client replies!

Working with the Optima-CRM solution makes your business a lot more efficient.

How does it work?

  • Connect your E-mail with Optima-CRM
  • Fill in the IMAP information for direct access to all mail
  • Receive and respond to mails instantly from either CRM or your email
  • All emails are equally stored in CRM as in your conventional email
  • Store and archive your E-mails

No longer spend hours upon hours copying clients

Our intelligent integration with your website, your social media campaigns, your landing pages, and the property portals you publish to, all incoming emails are also automatically imported into Optima-CRM creating or updating existing client records, notifying you of new enquiries instantly.

Furthermore you can easily import your contacts through the easy import/export functions. No more manually entering clients.

Additionally you can easily setup meetings and appointments or add contacts to lead and client lists within the solution. Thanks to the fully integrated calendar functions with external calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar, this saves time and keeps you up to date with everything that happens in your company.

CALENDAR integration

No matter whether you use Google Calendar or Outlook (Office 365) Calendar: we got you covered! Bi-directional syncing is standard and connecting to your calendar safe and a breeze. We use native API's from Google and Microsoft to connect your calendars and stay informed about any and all bth directions from and to CRM-calendar.