Secure Pay via Credit/Debit Card

Previous (overdue) period:

Previous period overdue

Your previous period is overdue and needs to be settled before you pay for the current period.



Current period:

Current period



Terms & conditions

  1. Card payments are recurring monthly and will be auto-charged at the start of the next month.
  2. A receipt will be mailed to your email address + your fiscal invoice will be posted in your Optima-CRM account for download.
  3. Charges are in Euro - your credit card company will convert into your local currency. To know the approximate current conversion rate, please visit a currency conversion site like
  4. Your licenses are valid for 1 month from the date of first payment, regardless the date your card is charged thereafter.
  5. A permanence of 6 months applies.
  6. Further details are specified in the user licenses agreement that is executed separately (contact us).

Safety first

We strive for perfection in all we do, and that includes using the world's best card charging service as well.