What you need to know of how we go MUCH farther protecting your data.

Security... So much more than GDPR

Last Friday the new GDPR rules of the European Union went into effect. These new rules were created to protect your privacy online even more... but there's more that's needed to safeguard your precious data...

Here are some of key protection points when using Optima-CRM:

  • Data Archiving: instrumental data is archived so you don't have any accidental deletion or malicious removal. Keep all your  history intact.
  • Data Encryption: Not just your login data but all other data stored is encrypted so that unauthorised access is virtually impossible.
  • Authorisation levels: Assigning roles to each of your users prevents from certain data being seen/updatable to users who shouldn’t access it. It also limits access to certain functions, and you can even customise agency settings to work in conjunction with roles.
  • Audit trails: any update made by anyone are stored in audit trails. You know at anytime who changed what, from where, when and what were the previous values.
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